Break Through Project Backlogs, Simplify Application Development and Speed Time to Deployment: A Playbook for Today's Enterprise

Enterprise IT organizations today face a compounding problem of IT project backlogs and increased expectations from upper management to deliver more, faster, and with less.


Now more than ever, having the right mix of technologies and strategies in place is critical. This session will discuss the key strategies and application platform technologies that should be included in the IT enterprise playbook to:

  • Speed development cycles.
  • Increase business agility.
  • Reduce dependence on proprietary frameworks.

The session covers how industry-leading frameworks, including JBoss® Seam, JBoss Hibernate, RichFaces application development, and open source middleware platforms can dramatically simplify application development and reduce time to market.

The session also covers a key element to every application development playbook: the people factor. And how including a strategy for training and other support services helps mitigate time-to-deployment risks. Join this session to learn how you can update your playbook today.


Date: March 17, 2010

  • Available on-demand
Length: 01:00
Language: English
Audience: Business and Technical


Raymond Ploski Solution Architect, Red Hat

About Raymond Ploski: Raymond Ploski is a software architect, teacher, consultant, and open source contributor. He has more than 15 years of software design and development experience along with numerous published articles and developer conference speaking engagements. As senior solutions architect for middleware solutions, Raymond plays an integral role in helping Red Hat® customers develop a comprehensive middleware solution strategy. An open source technology evangelist, Raymond specializes in educating architects and senior-level managers on SOA-enabling technologies.

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