Red Hat Expands Embedded Offerings With New Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite


United States, September 5, 2001

New Embedded Linux Developer Suite provides a comprehensive and standardised open source platform for design and customisation of Red Hat Embedded Linux in devices

Red Hat Inc., (Nasdaq:RHAT), the leader in developing, deploying and managing open source solutions, today unveiled the Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite, a packaged offering that combines new versions of its embedded Linux platform, development tools, runtime technologies, and support services into a single offering designed to meet the needs of developers looking for a standardised open source platform for faster creation, deployment and testing of target software components for embedded devices.

The Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite includes Red Hat Embedded Linux based on the industry-leading open source Red Hat Linux operating system configured for use in embedded systems. The offering provides the developer with broad capability for different device requirements targeting MIPS, SuperH, X86, PowerPC and ARM/StrongARM/XScale architectures.

"The demand for open source development tools and software is exploding as embedded developers from telecommunications, datacommunications and internet appliance manufacturers are discovering the cost, performance and time-to-market benefits inherent to open source-based embedded devices," said Michael Tiemann, chief technical officer, Red Hat. "The addition of this packaged offering along with our custom engineering services and consulting provides a standard starting point for those developers looking to quickly integrate the benefits of a full-featured open source OS like Red Hat Embedded Linux into their development projects."

"In a recent survey, almost half of all embedded developers responding indicated that they either use, or plan to use, embedded Linux within the next five years" said Stephen Balacco, industry analyst with Venture Development Corporation. "These new products position Red Hat to capitalise on this opportunity."

Key features of the Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite include:

  • New version of Red Hat Embedded Linux based on the industry-standard Linux 2.4 kernel
  • New gcc3 based versions of the GNUPro cross development tools for all architectures
  • New Configuration Tool for fine grain GUI configuration of the targeted environment
  • RedBoot Embedded Bootloader/BIOS for a standardised debugging and bootstrap solution
  • glibc 2.2 libraries for all architectures
  • Latest versions of Red Hat Linux RPM packages optimised for cross development
  • Red Hat Network managed services for host systems developing Red Hat Embedded Linux
  • Several support service packages to choose from based on the developer needs for greater flexibility

Industry's Most Comprehensive Embedded Solutions

The Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite further expands the Red Hat embedded portfolio to provide the industry's most comprehensive set of embedded solutions. Red Hat is a leader in the development of key technologies for embedded devices and has provided custom engineering services for many of the Fortune Tech 100 companies in the deployment of embedded solutions. Red Hat's comprehensive family of technologies and services includes the following:


  • Red Hat Embedded Linux: The Linux kernel and operating system configured for use in embedded devices, based on the industry-leading Red Hat Linux operating system.
  • Red Hat eCos: An open source real-time operating system for deeply embedded applications,
  • RedBoot: Standardised embedded debug and bootstrap solution that provides firmware for running and debugging embedded Linux, eCos and GNUPro applications.
  • GNUPro ToolSuite: Red Hat's commercial software development suite of tools built around the open source GNU standard. GNUPro products are tested, certified and produced as an integrated tool suite for developers of both desktop and embedded products.
  • Technical Support Services: Including installation support, advice line and high-end software support.
  • Engineering Services: Consulting and engineering services for custom component development, optimisation services and porting.
  • Red Hat Network: Remote management capabilities to keep system software current and secure, both on the developer workstation as well as on the embedded system.

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Pricing and Availability

Red Hat Embedded Linux Developer Suite will be available in October along with pricing.

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