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Financial services

Smarter IT investments

Make a real-time platform into real money

In this industry, market opportunities grow faster than IT budgets–and so do the challenges of handling huge amounts of data and complex transactions.

More than 50% of the world's financial trades are processed on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux®.

The financial services industry has always been a leader in solving IT problems to remain competitive. That's why Wall Street, global investment banks, 28 stock exchanges, retail banks, and insurance companies worldwide have adopted Red Hat for their IT needs.

Red Hat solutions for financial services

Tighten trade performance

The trading industry is experiencing unprecedented growth in trade volumes and shrinking trade size. Red Hat Enterprise Linux and the Red Hat Enterprise MRG Trading Platform give you the solutions you need to handle this volatility.

Trading exchanges must handle huge amounts of data and complex transactions. They seek ways to lower costs and respond to new global competitors. They also must respond to multiple global government regulations.

One of the foundations of Red Hat's value to financial markets is that Wall Street's own IT professionals helped shape commercial open source and Red Hat as a company.

Make security seamless

Data breaches are expensive—to your bottom line and your reputation. After a single breach, for example, one company "lost 50% of its market capitalization and...spent more than $32 million on legal fees, forensic costs, reserves for potential card brand fines, and other related settlement costs".

Financial services companies understand the importance of securing IT and data assets, and effectively managing and mitigating risk. Increasing regulations and requirements have amplified the focus on security and risk.

Red Hat solutions are tested and certified to ensure you get a secure, reliable product.

Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, 2010 [PDF]

Lean on Red Hat reliability

Your customers can't afford to miss out on valuable financial opportunities, and you can't afford to miss out on valuable customers. With Red Hat, you don't have to worry about either—you can count on a reliable IT infrastructure with less downtime and better performance.

Secure and affordable, our solutions give you technology and performance advantages and provide the low-latency, high-throughput infrastructure your financial services environment needs.

Reduce costs

Cost management is the top-ranked strategic priority in financial services, according to Gartner's CEO and Senior Executive Survey. Financial market conditions are tough. Like most, you're probably being asked to drastically cut expenses. So how do you balance capital investment spending and operating expenses while choosing the right platforms and technologies? Red Hat can help.

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