Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite

Business Process Management Suite

Red Hat® JBoss® BPM Suite is a comprehensive platform for business process management that can be deployed across physical, virtual, mobile, and cloud environments. It includes all the business rules and complex event processing (CEP) capabilities of Red Hat JBoss BRMS [business rules management system], along with advanced tools and runtime support for Business Process Model and Notation v2.0 (BPMN2)-compliant business processes.

Business users gain web-based tools to capture business processes, policies, and rules and measure the results of business activities.

Developers gain tools to customize the user experience, extend the platform to cover demanding technical requirements, and integrate with external applications, services, and data sources.


Business process modeling

Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite includes web-based graphical tools that help business and IT users create and manage BPMN2 process diagrams. A full palette of BPMN2 node types is supported, and diagrams can easily be exchanged with third party BPMN2 tools or exported in a variety of formats for use in documentation. All models produced with JBoss BPM Suite tools can subsequently be executed by JBoss BPM Suite runtime.

Process simulation

JBoss BPM Suite includes process simulation capabilities compatible with the Business Process Simulation Interchange Standard (BPSim). Process models can be annotated with simulation parameters, such as the time or cost required to complete each step, or the probability that a branch will be taken. When the model is exercised, reports are generated that show the dynamic behavior of the models, locate bottlenecks, estimate costs, and more.

Data modeling

A web-based data modeling tool allows users to capture and describe the business data entities that drive their organization’s processes and decisions. The tool enables complex data entities, such as purchase orders, insurance claims, or loan applications, to be described, documented, and made available to the process models in which they participate.

Forms design

JBoss BPM Suite includes web-based tools to create sophisticated and impactful end-user forms, which allow process participants to interact with individual cases or work items. Forms are used for input and display of process data and can perform complex calculations with data items. The form design tool provides a WYSIWYG environment to model forms, with simple drag-and-drop mechanisms for placing and formatting fields and labels.

Business activity monitoring

Real-time business activity monitoring and reporting tools measure and analyze key indicators, track process performance, and make quick and effective decisions.

Business rules and event processing

JBoss BPM Suite includes all the capabilities and tools of Red Hat JBoss BRMS, including authoring business rules and event definitions. By using standard BPMN2 constructs, process authors can use business rules to determine paths within a process, and events to trigger or synchronize process actions.

Service integration

JBoss BPM Suite includes native support for integrating business processes with web services. In addition, it is fully certified for use with the Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio of integration products, including Red Hat JBoss Fuse, Red Hat JBoss Fuse Service Works, and Red Hat JBoss Data Virtualization. These provide straightforward mechanisms for users to connect business processes with external applications and data.

Flexible deployment options

JBoss BPM Suite integrates seamlessly with modern IT infrastructures. The authoring tools and Git-based repository are compatible with popular software development tools and processes.

The suite can be deployed as a standalone process execution service, with all the clustering, caching, failover, load balancing, and distributed deployment features expected in an enterprise-grade BPM system. The process engine can also be embedded directly within an application, co-locating the models with the application for ultra-fast performance.

Benefits & Features

Intuitive authoring tools for business and IT users

Business analysts

JBoss BPM Suite’s web-based authoring interface includes the same tools provided with JBoss BRMS, plus intuitive drag-and-drop support for BPMN2 modeling, data modeling, forms design, process simulation, testing, and deployment.

Application developers

JBoss BPM Suite’s tools for developers extend the integrated development environment (IDE) provided with JBoss BRMS to include BPMN2 modeling and testing. These tools enable developers to easily integrate process-based applications with Java™ code and external information systems.

Powerful business reporting

Business activity monitoring dashboards display key performance indicators for running processes. These indicators help business users quickly understand the health of critical business functions, diagnose issues, and optimize process models as business conditions change.

Advanced BPMN2 process engine

JBoss BPM Suite’s native BPMN2 process engine scales to support enterprise workloads and can be deployed in clustered configurations for high availability. It is tightly integrated with the rules engine and includes a pluggable human task service based on WS-HumanTask. It supports a wide variety of processes, from straight-through service orchestration to long-running business processes.

Advanced rules engine

With a rules engine derived from the Drools community project, JBoss BPM Suite uses the latest rule evaluation algorithms for high-performance indexing and optimization. Complex event processing extensions from the Drools Fusion project add the ability to process time-based constraints on real-time data feeds.

Robust repository

JBoss BPM Suite’s repository is based on the popular Git source code control system. The repository supports comprehensive and user-definable metadata for categorization of stored assets, along with fine-grained user access and version controls. It is accessible through the web and IDE tools and from other applications using REST APIs.


Red Hat JBoss Operations Network

JBoss BPM Suite is optionally available with plug-ins for the JBoss Operations Network, a comprehensive management platform for the Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio. JBoss Operations Network helps IT operations improve operational efficiency and reliability and provides inventory management, application configuration management and auditing, performance tuning, and overall management of the application life cycle.

BPM consulting services

Red Hat offers consulting services that provide a bridge for your business and technology teams to fully realize the power of JBoss BPM Suite and assist implementation teams in delivering high-quality solutions on time.

Red Hat partners

Red Hat has a complete and international ecosystem of partners with experience in implementation of the entire Red Hat JBoss Middleware portfolio. If your project requires extensive resources or high horizontal or vertical specialization, you may want to complement Red Hat Consulting services with the support of a Red Hat partner.

How to Buy

Developer subscriptions

The latest release of Red Hat JBoss BPM Suite is available free for development use from the JBoss developer site.

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Production subscriptions

Production subscriptions provide access to Red Hat’s award-winning support services, single stream updates and security patches and legal indemnity assurance. Subscriptions are available in packages of 16 or 64 cores, and with standard or premium support service-level agreements (SLAs).

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