CygwinTM Support Options

Cygwin License

The Cygwin libraries are covered by the GPL. The GPL requires the source to any application built with the Cygwin libraries must be distributed with the application. Red Hat sells a Cygwin Buy-Out License for customers who are unable to provide their application in open source code form. This license is sold on a per project basis. The project can be defined as a single product or service. Contact Sales for more information and pricing.


Support services for Cygwin are available through an Unlimited Support Contract. Red Hat delivers world-class support via a team of the largest, most experienced open source Engineers in the world.

What do you get with Cygwin Open Source Developer Support?

  • Support analysis and technical solutions to your tools related software issues.
  • Customer-driven priority level setting when submitting Support Requests.
  • Direct access to Red hat's Front Line Support team for rapid problem assessment.
  • 24-hour Internet access to Red Hat's problem reporting system so customers can get status on Support Requests.
  • If applicable, custom source patches or workarounds can be created specifically for the customer.