Webinar Series: From Virtualization to Private Cloud

Consolidation, virtualization, and usage can help you streamline IT operations. But it won't take your business to the next level. Push beyond virtualization. Deliver agile, secure, scalable IT services through a private cloud.


In the From virtualization to cloud webinar series, Red Hat® and the IT Process Institute guide you through cloud-building best practices. Learn how to use your existing virtualized environment as a foundation to build a private or hybrid cloud with the most built-in choice, security, and interoperability—in just 4 steps.

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Part 3
Optimize and automate IT in the cloud

On demand
  • Expand automation.
  • Manage hybrid and heterogeneous cloud environments.
  • Update service management processes.
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Part 4
Accelerate business results with your cloud

January 19, 2012
  • Optimize private cloud economics.
  • Reshape behavior related to delivering and consuming IT-as-a-Service.
  • Streamline cross-functional collaboration.
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Part 1
Cut through the Cloud Clutter

On demand
  • Set cloud goals based on business objectives.
  • Select suitable target workloads for evolving to the cloud.
  • Plan technology and process.
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Part 2
Design Cloud Services, not Systems

On demand
  • Design cloud services for competitive advantage.
  • Specify and certify templates and their deployment policies.
  • Enable one-touch self-service ordering.
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The IT Process Institute's experience studying more than 30 IT organizations that built private clouds—plus first-hand expertise from Red Hat engineers—can't be duplicated.

Based on the the book Visible Ops Private Cloud: From Virtualization to Private Cloud in 4 Practical Steps, each webinar session features a Red Hat and Visible Ops private cloud expert. Join any or all of the sessions!

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After watching this series you'll know how to:

  • Develop a cloud strategy that fits your objectives.
  • Work through the 4 key steps needed to build beyond the virtualized datacenter.
  • Drive adoption and communicate results in terms that matter to your business.

This webinar series is ideal for:

  • Enterprise IT executives.
  • Architects.
  • Datacenter managers.
  • Anyone responsible for deploying a private or hybrid cloud.