The Real-time Core Banking Platform

Red Hat's Real-time Core Banking Platform can help your banking institution realize a 10-fold increase in performance and cost savings, while eliminating the need for batch processing.

To meet financial institutions’ need for fast, reliable IT systems, Red Hat®, in collaboration with FIS and Intel, delivers the next-generation Real-time Core Banking Platform.

Higher performance, lower cost, no batch processing

The Real-time Core Banking Platform is a cost-effective, high-performance alternative to proprietary, legacy batch-processing technology. It packages:

Real-time Core Banking Platform features

Features that make the Real-time Core Banking Platform an ideal choice for banking organizations include:

  • Real-time performance. Red Hat, FIS, and Intel have collaborated to offer this ground-breaking technology that eliminates the need for batch processing by enabling real-time transaction processing. Red Hat Enterprise Linux has achieved world-record performance in benchmarks, such as TPC-C.

  • Stability. Red Hat will guarantee a supported operating system for 7 years from initial product release with 24x7 support.

  • Security. Red Hat Enterprise Linux security featuressuch as SELinux, ExecShield, PIE, and Auditingare innovative, transparent technologies that eliminate entire classes of security exploits.

  • Mission-critical support. Red Hat, together with FIS, delivers reliable, mission-critical support specifically tailored to banking environments.