Red Hat Certificate of Expertise in ESB Exam (EX431)

Red Hat® Certificate of Expertise in ESB Exam is a performance-based certificate exam. Individuals who earn the Certificate of Expertise–ESB credential have demonstrated the skills and knowledge to use JBoss® enterprise service bus (ESB) to enable communications between enterprise applications, including implementing and configuring communication endpoints and manipulating and transforming ESB messages.

Someone who holds a Certificate of Expertise–ESB is able to perform the following tasks:

  • Understand Red Hat Boss Enterprise SOA Platform technologies.
  • Write custom ESB actions to use legacy services.
  • Use built-in actions to incorporate existing services.
  • Leverage web services, Java™ Message Service providers, and service deployments to expose business functions.
  • Apply transformations to support diverse message formats.
  • Use Red Hat Boss Developer Studio tooling to build and deploy ESB services.

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NOTE: This exam is only available via Individual Exam Session.


Classroom training

The JBCD - ESB exam consists of 1 section lasting up to 4 hours. The exam is performance-based, meaning that you must perform tasks on a live system rather than answering questions about how you might perform those tasks. A JBCD-ESB certification has a current window of 3 calendar years.

Length:4 hours ,  


Training units: 2

Individual Exam Session

  • Take this exam on your time in one of our exam testing stations at select locations. Learn more about this option.


  • Experienced enterprise Java developers who are familiar with service-oriented architecture (SOA) principles and JBoss ESB

  • Enterprise SOA architects with some Java development experience and knowledge of JBoss ESB


In preparation to earn a Certificate of Expertise – ESB, Red Hat recommends:

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In preparation to take this exam, Red Hat recommends:

Training courses

Self study

This exam prepares you for these credentials:

Certificates of Expertise are incremental credentials attached to an RHCE certification that demonstrate skills and knowledge in specialized areas.