Greenpeace International + Red Hat

An open invitation to help the planet

Red Hat® Consulting collaborated with Greenpeace International on a 5 day design sprint to evolve Planet 4, Greenpeace’s open source global engagement platform, with the aim of helping communities tackle environmental issues.

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Watch the videos to learn how Red Hat engaged with Greenpeace International to enhance Planet 4.

Phase 1: Connect and define

Team members connect and create bonds as they define the challenge and align goals with Greenpeace International’s vision. Red Hat gains understanding about Planet 4 and the ways in which Greenpeace International wants to advance it.

Phase 2: Prototype and validate: Event storming

The teams engage in event storming to collaboratively model the process, and they use tools and resources from the Open Practice Library to help Greenpeace International gain new perspective.

Phase 3: Actionable plan

Greenpeace International and Red Hat teams finalize an actionable plan to present to Greenpeace International internal and external stakeholders.

Open transforms

Collaboration is key for success. At Red Hat we provide tools and resources to help interdisciplinary teams engage in agile practices and drive transformation the open source way.

A 5-day design sprint by Red Hat Consulting

Red Hat Consulting empowers organizations to thrive through cultural and business transformation with open source principles and technologies

Icon-Red_Hat-Media_and_documents-Quotemark_Open-B-Red-RGB Taking an open source approach has truly helped us by enabling our large, diverse team of people to work collaboratively on the same platform.

Matt Browner-Hamlin

Head of Engagement Strategy & Planning, Greenpeace International

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