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The 2022 State of Enterprise Open Source

IT leaders find that open source is more important than ever

Red Hat surveyed 1,296 IT leaders worldwide to better understand the unique role of enterprise open source solutions in their organizations. The results found that the move from proprietary software toward open source solutions is accelerating. IT leaders who previously thought of open source as a less expensive software now discovered that open source has many of the same positive attributes as proprietary software, while also delivering the flexibility of open source licensing and the open source development model.

The report found that 92% of IT leaders surveyed feel enterprise open source solutions are important to addressing their COVID-related challenges. Outside of the pandemic challenges, 95% of respondents say that enterprise open source technology is important to their organization’s overall infrastructure because of the innovation and agility that the model makes possible.

The full report tracks changes in the usage and attitudes towards enterprise open source technology over time, by region, and across industries. In addition, the report illustrates trends in perceptions of trust and security related to enterprise open source software, its vendors, and the open source community.


Download the full report to learn more about the state of enterprise open source.



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