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On March 22, Oracle announced that they will certify Oracle Database 11gR2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 within 90 days.

We submitted our certification test results in August 2011, continuing our longstanding history of certifying Oracle databases on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. We said in February:

Our commitment to provide the latest technologies and largest certification portfolio is an ongoing process. Undertaking certification of the Oracle database on Red Hat Enterprise Linux using Oracle’s published ‘self-certification’ process illustrates our ongoing dedication to providing a robust certification portfolio. For more than five years, Oracle has certified its databases on Red Hat Enterprise Linux by reviewing and approving the certification test results that we submit to them.

On behalf of our mutual customers, we are pleased that Oracle has announced that the certification is imminent.

Our extensive ecosystem gives customers and partners a comprehensive selection of hardware and software options for their IT deployments, and we look forward to adding Oracle Database 11gR2 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 to our catalog of certified software based on the announcement.

As they have for the last decade, customers can continue to deploy Oracle on Red Hat Enterprise Linux with confidence. We look forward to moving ahead to work with Oracle in support of our mutual customers.

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