We conducted interviews with 1,250 IT leaders worldwide, who weren’t necessarily Red Hat customers, to get an unbiased picture of how, where, and why they use enterprise open source. The results were shared in the third installment of Red Hat’s “The State of Enterprise Open Source” report earlier this year. 

The survey included respondents from 13 different countries, who indicated enterprise open source has become a default choice of IT departments around the world. Industries that have historically been more associated with proprietary technology are also embracing open source technology. Take financial services, for example. Let’s dive into key findings from IT leaders hailing from banks, insurance providers, and other financial services. 

Enterprise open source is a key part of security strategy

Nearly all respondents indicated they’re already using enterprise open source, citing higher quality software, better security, and the ability to safely leverage open source technologies as their top three benefits.  Figure 1.

Keeping our banking transactions safe isn’t a small feat, but open source solutions are here to help. 86% of respondents from this industry say that enterprise open source is a key part of their organization’s security strategy.

Containers power production and development initiatives too

Containers are helping propel the industry forward, with 88% of financial industry IT leaders saying Kubernetes is important to their cloud-native application strategy, and 75% expect to increase their use of containers in the next 12 months. Most of the industry respondents are using containers in production, but nearly a third are also using containers in development, and some even in evaluating and researching. 

Want more insights on enterprise open source in the financial industry? Get an overview of these findings in The State of Enterprise Open Source: financial services infographic


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