Red Hat Hackfest

Red Hat Hackfest for EMEA on Retail edition

Online for participants in Europe, Middle East & Africa

February 27th - April 14th

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Meet the 2023 winners

1st place: Eviden

They went above and beyond in understanding key challenges of the retail industry, and successfully implementing an ambitious proof of concept solution. The team brought together edge and datacenter and added AI, business dashboards, new services and even brought innovation to secure device provisioning.

2nd Place: Viada

They have developed a concept of a stock availability visualization, bringing data in across edge sensors, which are then collected with datacenter intelligence. This concept shows a promising potential approach to real time stock control in the retail industry.

3rd Place: Unisystems

They brought together a working live demo of pushing dynamic product promotions from datacenter to edge in a retail architecture - that wasn’t previously possible. The team listened to the challenges of the business, and implemented a new concept that integrated lots of technology into a neat solution.

Event details

What is Red Hat Hackfest?

Red Hat Hackfest, sponsored by Microsoft and Intel, is an initiative where teams of three to five members collaborate to create end-to-end solutions that address real-world challenges. In the weeks leading to the actual contest period, teams will receive guidance and help from Red Hat, Intel and Microsoft subject matter experts to hone their skills and co-develop solutions to solve a selected use case based on a real-life scenario.

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How it works

This contest is open only to selected Red Hat EMEA partners in the region. To participate, round up a team within your organization consisting of three to five technical and delivery experts who have the necessary skills and know-how to take part in the contest.

  • Each team must consist of 3-5 members, including one Team Leader with technical skills and delivery experts who have the know-how to take part in the contest.
  • Each partner organization must only be represented by ONE team in each country.

The Red Hat Hackfest is different from the more well known, sprint-based hackathons, as it takes place over four weeks. There are different stages for each week:

Enablement week

All participants invited to attend two-hour long enablement webinars with Red Hat subject matter experts at 10 a.m. CET each day.

  • Monday February 27, 2023: Red Hat Edge Computing Strategy & Intel + Azure vision
  • Tuesday February 28, 2023: A technology stack for retail use-cases
  • Wednesday March 1, 2023: OpenShift as a central platform for innovation
  • Thursday March 2, 2023: The role of Integration by Red Hat in the distributed world
  • Friday March 3, 2023: Quarkus deep dive and security

Development weeks

Participants use their existing and new knowledge to create an innovative and measurable solution to a real-world problem, based on cloud-native technologies.

Week one - play with Fedora IoT running on an ARM device.

Week two - play with container technology and cloud-native frameworks.

Week three - implement IoT solution integrating the edge device with the Data Hub.

Red Hat, Mircrosoft and Intel experts in IoT and cloud-native development will run weekly drop-in clinics to support the teams.

Presentation week

Each team will present deliverables to a Technical Jury who will evaluate and shortlist six teams to present live their outcome and implementation to a Business Jury.

Panel members


Andy Cathrow, Senior Director, Product Management Global, Red Hat

James Read, Principal Solution Architect, Red Hat

Iain Boyle, Chief Architect for Retail, Red Hat

Roy de Milde, App Innovation Specialist, Microsoft

Mattia Mascia, Principal Consultant - Middleware, Red Hat



Rob Hall, Microsoft Alliance Manager, Red Hat

Fevzi Konduk, EMEA Director Market Incubation, Red Hat

Frank Feldman, EMEA VP, Cloud Services, Red Hat

Andrea Battaglia, Edge BDM - EMEA Ecosystem Market Incubation, Red Hat

Tracie Zenti, Partner Alliance Development Manager, Microsoft

Andrea Toigo, EMEA Territory Sales Manager,  Intel


While all participants will benefit from developing their skills, there is of course a competitive element to the initiative.

At the end of Red Hat Hackfest, teams will present their solutions to a panel of expert for evaluation around the following criteria:

  • Architecture innovation.
  • Level of Quarkification.
  • Edge device management. 
  • Container technology.
  • Red Hat integration.

The panel will select three winning teams, who will win one of the following prizes, and benefit from Red Hat publicity regarding their solutions. Each winning team will have the opportunity to document and explain their implementation in a video that will be produced by Red Hat. 


  • MDF support for CY23 worth up to USD 40,000*


  • MDF support for CY23 worth up to USD 20,000*


  • MDF support for CY23 worth up to USD 10,000*

*Subject to the Red Hat EMEA HackFest Terms and Conditions