Strengthen security in your software supply chain

With the right security software, organizations can protect themselves from risks and vulnerabilities within their supply chain systems. Without the proper protection, they risk losing the trust of their users, customers, and other stakeholders.

Red Hat® Trusted Software Supply Chain helps organizations build security into the software development life cycle from the start.

Solution overview

Red Hat Trusted Software Supply Chain

To help customers use open source components safely, Red Hat has developed a solution that enhances resilience to software supply chain vulnerabilities. With Red Hat Trusted Software Supply Chain, customers can code, build, and monitor their software using proven platforms, trusted content, and real-time security scanning and remediation.

The solution draws on Red Hat’s 30+ years of delivering high quality, reliable, and trustworthy open source software to develop applications that can withstand external threats with innovation and integrity.


Prevent and identify malicious code

Red Hat Trusted Content (Service Preview) is a cloud service that provides software composition analysis (SCA) of your applications and code base to identify critical issues before offering fixes to mitigate vulnerabilities and risk. SCA can catch code vulnerabilities early in your workflows to avoid the costly rework in production.

The service includes enterprise-ready content plus knowledge about the open-source packages in customer applications. Digitally sign and verify code from an open, immutable ledger, to ensure code has not been tampered with.


Safeguard build systems

Red Hat Trusted Application Pipeline (Service Preview) is a cloud service that customizes and automates build pipelines, with tools that help your team adhere to attestations and provenance while scanning images for vulnerabilities, and deploy to a declarative state with release policies that block suspicious builds from poisoning pipeline executions.

The service also enables the integration of security guardrails for security-focused continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD) workflows in minutes to ensure packaged images are protected and compliant, without slowing down releases.


Continuous security monitoring

Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security Cloud Service is a cloud service that visualizes security and compliance across distributed teams for hundreds of audit controls from a common dashboard. High-fidelity threat analytics pinpoint and prioritize security issues to help expedite incident response and improve security posture in the software development life cycle (SDLC).

This service will enable your team to shift right and accurately detect and act on new emerging threats to reduce alert noise and fatigue.

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Code, build, and monitor using a trusted software supply chain

Eliminating potential security issues early and throughout the software development life cycle helps build user trust, avoids potential revenue losses, and protects against reputational damage. Red Hat Trusted Software Supply Chain, a cloud service powered by Red Hat OpenShift®, improves software supply chain resiliency while boosting development speed to keep pace with innovation.

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