Last week, Red Hat and AWS announced the general availability of Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA), a fully managed and jointly supported offering that enables organizations to build, deploy and manage applications with Red Hat OpenShift, delivered as a native AWS service accessible through the AWS Management Console.

The availability of Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS gives our customers and partners a managed, self-service option to run OpenShift in the AWS cloud, making it even easier for customers to adopt containers, migrate workloads to AWS  and deploy their applications faster. 

Our rich partner ecosystem has been instrumental to the success of our customers. Red Hat partners offer customers valuable expertise, a breadth of knowledge across technologies and domains, and  unique solutions that are built on top of Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS, allowing customers to see tangible business value, faster. In addition to support from our partners, Red Hat managed services enable delivery of complete solutions to help end users concentrate on running their business, not managing software.

Red Hat is proud to showcase the 10 launch partners that have already started their journey with Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS: Accenture, Cedrus, Cognizant, IBM, Perficient, Persistent Systems, Tech Mahindra, TEKSystems, Wipro and Vizuri are all helping customers achieve digital transformation and application modernization quicker by implementing Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS in their organizations. 

“Cedrus is proud to support Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS,” said Mike Chadwick, senior vice president, Business Development and Sales, Cedrus. “As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and a Red Hat Apex Partner, we are excited to work collaboratively with customers to help them discover the art of the possible with application and container modernization strategies anchored by the efficiencies Red Hat and AWS have created with Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS.”

"Agile and flexible platforms allow organizations to accelerate product innovation with advanced deployment strategies adapted to current and future business models. IBM is partnering with Amazon Web Services to create that platform based on Red Hat OpenShift on AWS and leveraging IBM’s Application Modernization program. IBM’s AWS team of service experts created a pattern-based migration and modernization approach for industry-specific business challenges with well-defined architectural reference frameworks, optimized for Red Hat and AWS. IBM and ROSA provide cost optimization through AWS and open source adoptions, improved application portability and enhanced engineering practices through the use of DevSecOps. IBM’s partnership with AWS has created an industry-leading platform with world-class services for all application modernization initiatives," said Joel Plavin, Vice President, Red Hat Services, Global Business Services, IBM.

Focus on providing business value and unique bundled solutions

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS can be accessed on-demand through the AWS web console, with self-service cluster creation and management using the Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS CLI. This makes it possible to deploy clusters in minutes, not hours or days. Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS  is also easily accessible on and can be managed by the OpenShift cluster manager so that customers can manage their OpenShift clusters in a single place. 

Teams can gain the necessary focus and tools to accelerate the development process with familiar APIs and existing Red Hat OpenShift tools for deployment in AWS. Partners provide vital value in creating and maintaining strong relationships with customers and building and delivering unique solutions on top of Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS.  The new managed service offering also enables partners and their customers to more easily adapt to changing business needs, implement new technologies and ultimately achieve faster time to value. 

According to Vivek Gupta, vice president and global head of Cloud Services, Tech Mahindra, “We see customers who already have containerized with Red Hat OpenShift are ready to move their applications and its associated platform to Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS. It is an enabler that will help accelerate innovation with more seamless integration with various AWS Native Services. It can potentially increase the efficiency of operating the entire stack and will provide a consistent experience to business users. This is a step forward towards building modern applications that run on the Red Hat suite of products and, once this is adopted, there is a huge potential for customers to realize the benefits and accelerate their cloud adoption.” 

Reduce costs and complexity

Many organizations don’t have the time or resources to run platforms and manage infrastructure. Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS is fully monitored, managed and updated from infrastructure to daily operations by our Red Hat site reliability engineering (SRE) team with 24/7 support and a 99.95% uptime service level agreement (SLA). With on-demand, pay-as-you-go pricing, customers can scale as business needs change and pay only for what’s needed. Customers can also take advantage of a fully integrated experience with accessibility and  integration with other AWS cloud services.

Red Hat partners are able to leverage Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS and Amazon’s Marketplace platform to deliver complete packaged solutions including software, services and a fully managed OpenShift experience billed through AWS.

“AWS has created an integrated experience for our customers moving to the cloud that aligns their infrastructure and application consumption models with the creation of the Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS,” said Joe Dickman, senior vice president, Vizuri. “Providing customers a fully managed OpenShift service coupled with out-of-the-box integration with AWS Infrastructure enables consumption-based pricing for newly created cloud-native designs as well as legacy migration with little to no upfront costs, while having a fully managed and supported production environment by Red Hat and AWS. Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS is creating the next-generation cloud-native applications that truly support a scale-to-zero cost model.” 

Accelerate cloud adoption

Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS delivers the enterprise-ready Kubernetes that many organizations are currently using on-premises, making it even easier and quicker to migrate workloads to the AWS cloud as business needs dictate. This allows customers to choose AWS as the cloud provider for Red Hat OpenShift containerized applications by providing an on-ramp for cloud migration.

“With our deep partnerships with both AWS and Red Hat we are very excited with the launch of Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS, which will help us to drive hybrid cloud conversations within our cloud transformation deals for customers and help to create a winning proposition for Wipro and AWS,” said Ramachandran Padmanabhan , vice president , Cloud Applications, Wipro.

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