Curriki Accelerates Social Innovation by Developing E-learning Solutions With Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

Adopts agile development methodology and open source tools to make learning more accessible and open

Red Hat, Inc., the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today announced that Curriki, a non-profit that builds tools that enable open access for all to the technologies that can transform the way educational experiences are designed, created, and delivered, has completed a six-week Red Hat Open Innovation Labs residency to develop education solutions for students using a flexible, responsive approach to developing digital learning content.
The education landscape is evolving rapidly with the pace of digital transformation and changing learning needs. The realities of virtual learning have created numerous challenges for parents, teachers, and most of all the students. To use technology to help solve this issue Curriki launched CurrikiStudio, the first free and open, interactive learning content authoring solution, designed to accelerate and scale digital-first content development. 
During the pandemic the Curriki team needed to scale CurrikiStudio to millions of users and deploy it to different cloud providers. This led Curriki to work with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs to help make its offerings, including CurrikiStudio more accessible to education institutes. Using Red Hat OpenShift, the team was able to build more reliability, availability and scalability into its solutions. Curriki streamlined its tools, making them even more simple and seamless to set up and install on all major cloud platforms, allowing education institutes to get started on creating interactive lessons rapidly. Red Hat Open Innovation Labs also introduced agile methodology, including DevOps, to Curriki’s teams, enabling them to develop their software more efficiently and increase productivity. By building more robust solutions and productive teams, Curriki is better positioned to extend its offerings to the learning departments of businesses and government agencies. 
Red Hat Open Innovation Labs enables customers to work collaboratively in a residency-oriented lab environment with Red Hat experts through flexible formats. Usually held on the customers’ site, Curriki and Red Hat teams adapted to the pandemic restrictions with a virtual residency. The collaboration led the Curriki team in achieving six months of work in six weeks which included optimizing code, leveraging auto scaling capabilities with the help of OpenShift, automating the installation through push button deployment and containerizing CurrikiStudio.
Launched in 2016, Red Hat Open Innovation Labs offers customers an immersive experience through a dedicated consulting service during a 4-12 week residency that helps companies integrate open processes, culture and technology to solve business challenges. Through Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, customers can take advantage of mentoring and open source tooling to help their organization rapidly accelerate business initiatives - whether working on creative new digital applications or modernization initiatives, such as moving a monolithic application to a modern microservices architecture.
To extend the impact of the virtual residency, and to continue to grow their Red Hat OpenShift skills, Curriki has begun using Red Hat Learning Subscription. 

Supporting Quotes

Sajeeve Bahl, vice president and head of Asia Pacific Services, Red Hat 

“We are delighted for the opportunity to bring innovation to a social cause by making education more accessible, open and free. Through Red Hat Open Innovation Labs, open source tools, processes and methodologies, we worked with Curriki to better understand learning needs, especially during the pandemic, and co-create solutions to drive continuous learning for students and learners around the world.”

Scott McNealy, co-founder, Curriki

“Innovation is all about breaking boundaries and doing things you have not done before. Red Hat Open Innovation Labs offered a safe space in which the Curriki team could explore new ideas and exchange insights and best practice to bring some of the solutions from their imagination to life. The sessions helped teams break out of their comfort zones and try out things that were beyond their roles. At the end of the residency, Curriki developers had gained an interest in IT operations and the IT operations staff wanted to get involved in DevOps work. Triggering this curiosity and growth mindset will help the team innovate and bring better education solutions to learners in the future.”

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