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Dell has a longstanding relationship with Red Hat. Together we have been bringing integrated solutions and superior value to end customers for nearly a decade. Dell and Red Hat offer truly integrated solutions. Dell extensively tests each system for compatibility and optimization before certifying Dell servers with Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Additionally, Dell is a strong proponent of open source and open standards. Because Dell uses open source drivers with their PowerEdge servers, customers running Red Hat on Dell are truly receiving an open source platform. Finally, Dell has a seat at the table when it comes to the evolution of Linux solutions. Matt Domsch, Dell’s Linux Strategist, is on the board for the Fedora Project. Together with Red Hat, Dell contributes to the future of the Fedora Project and open source computing.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 represents the next generation in customer value for Dell customers. With the introduction of Red Hat Advanced Platform, customers receive all of the benefits of a full operating system, including support for Xen virtualization.
Dell Power Edge servers have been tested, validated and certified with Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 is optimized to work with the new Intel and AMD hardware assisted virtualization and multi-core technology. And since this is the same technology found in the latest generation of Dell PowerEdge servers, customers are deploying the newest cutting edge technologies.

Customers are no longer looking for individual products. They are looking for compelling solutions to their enterprise computing challenges. Individually, Dell and Red Hat each recognize this shift in the marketplace and together we are addressing those needs by focusing on delivering the most value to the customer.

"Customers want complete solutions that reduce complexity in their IT environments and enable them to focus on what is important – growing their business," said Rick Becker, vice president of solutions, Dell Product Group. "Dell and Red Hat have a focused, collaborative partnership delivering solutions like integrated virtualization technologies in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 on Dell PowerEdge servers that are engineered from the ground up to simplify operations and scale with customers as they grow."

To hear more from Dell on the arrival of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, see the video with Reza Roolohamini, Director of Software Engineering at Dell.

In addition, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 on Dell PowerEdge systems offers a platform with true open standards. From the operating system down to the hardware drivers, even the management tools have open source drivers with a Dell/Red Hat solution.

This dedication to open standards is one of the cornerstones of the Dell Scalable Enterprise strategy. Scalable Enterprise reflects Dell’s commitment to helping customers simplify the key elements of their core infrastructure. As Linux adoption continues to grow, Red Hat and Dell are aligned to offer strong value, fully integrated solutions and centralized support for end customers.

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