Network World - Linux is moving into efficient and flexible manufacturing

Francis Chow, Vice President and General Manager of In-vehicle Operating System and Edge at Red Hat, outlines the company's strategy for using Red Hat Enterprise Linux for flexible manufacturing. Learn more

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InfoQ - How Platform and Site Reliability Engineering Are Evolving DevOps

The DevOps model has morphed from "nice to have" to "must have" for any company that needs to move quickly from idea to production to product in users’ hands. Companies are now looking to grow and more effectively manage DevOps with platform engineering and SRE (site reliability engineering) staff. Learn more


Build in-demand skills for modern virtualization with Red Hat OpenShift

See how Red Hat is helping organizations globally accelerate their infrastructure modernization initiatives with Red Hat OpenShift, our robust partner ecosystem and mature capabilities such as OpenShift Virtualization’s VM migration tooling to rehost existing virtual machines (VMs). Learn more

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Intelligent CIO - AI skills gap must be addressed urgently say 72% of IT leaders in Red Hat survey

Having scalable, flexible, citizen-enabling IT platforms and the right expertise to drive maximum business value from them, is crucial to keep pace with the rapid evolution of advancements like cloud and AI. Learn more about the challenges IT leaders are facing around skills, innovation and technology evolution. Learn more


DevOps and Platform Engineering: What's the difference?

We hear the terms DevOps and Platform Engineering thrown around as important practices related to modern software development and IT operations. DevOps has been around for a while, but where did Platform Engineering come from? And how do the two terms relate? Learn more

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