We are excited to announce that krknChaos, a chaos engineering tool for Kubernetes focused on improving resilience and performance, has been accepted as a Sandbox project by the Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF). Additional details can be found in the proposal.  We would like to thank the TAG App Delivery team (to name a few, Josh Gavant and Karena Angell and team), the CNCF Technical Oversight Committee (TOC) for their invaluable guidance and support throughout the process and of course the team and community for their invaluable contributions which are key to making this happen.

krknChaos project logo

As part of CNCF, we aim to work with the community to:

  • Share and collaborate on the chaos testing methodology to cover wider use cases for running reliable large and dense Kubernetes clusters.
  • Work with the community in cross-pollinating the areas of chaos and performance to ensure Service Level Objectives are met for both platform and applications running on top of Kubernetes.
  • Leverage AI integration to recommend, automate and improve chaos test coverage.

We will share more updates as we go through the on-boarding process to establish a platform for collaboration (regular meetings, discussion forums, github etc.). Please feel free to reach us out on the Kubernetes Slack, or on Github for any feedback, enhancements or use case discussions.

Let’s embrace chaos!

About the authors

Naga Ravi Chaitanya Elluri leads the Chaos Engineering efforts at Red Hat with a focus on improving the resilience, performance and scalability of Kubernetes and making sure the platform and the applications running on it perform well under turbulent conditions. His interest lies in the cloud and distributed computing space and he has contributed to various open source projects.

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Brian is the Senior Director for Performance and Scale Engineering at Red Hat. Brian leads the team working on the performance and scalability of Red Hat's product and services portfolio.

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