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Many of the applications that drive businesses are powered by the foundation of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. For nearly eight years, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 has carried our customers’ critical infrastructure because of the stability reliability, and platform security that it can offer to the modern enterprise. Today, we are pleased to announce the beta release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.10, continuing to deliver upon Red Hat’s 10-year lifecycle support.

With a focus on stability and security features that maintain hardware, application, and management tooling compatibility, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.10 Beta is designed to support the next generation of cloud-native applications through an updated Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 base image. The Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.10 Beta base image enables customers to migrate their existing Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 workloads into container-based applications - suitable for deployment on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Atomic Host, and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

In addition, a Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription gives our customers the freedom to choose which supported major release to deploy; therefore, existing customers may also elect to update their Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 infrastructure to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 at any time, free of charge, to take advantage of recent upstream innovations. To help simplify the upgrade to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, we offer several tools already available through a subscription, including Preupgrade Assistant and Red Hat Upgrade Tool. Learn more about the upgrade process and how to access these tools on the Red Hat Customer Portal:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.10 beta is now available to customers with an active Red Hat Enterprise Linux subscription. To review a full list of what has been updated with the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6.10 beta, please visit:

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