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As edge computing gains momentum across multiple industries, it's crucial that your edge devices are performing optimally and delivering the desired outcomes, especially at the scale and sprawl associated with distributed environments that can impact your team’s ability to efficiently manage an edge architecture. That's where observability comes into play! 

Join Sally O’Malley, Principal Software Engineer, and Benedikt Bongartz, Senior Software Engineer, for a virtual Red Hat Summit session, “Observability at the edge: Monitoring edge environments at scale,” where they will delve into the challenges of observing edge devices and how Red Hat Device Edge, an enterprise-ready and supported distribution of Kubernetes named MicroShift, combined with an edge-optimized OS built from Red Hat Enterprise Linux, alongside Performance Co-Pilot, can help you tackle these challenges effectively.

Edge brings computing resources and data storage closer to the source of data generation (such as sensors or IoT devices) or the end user, rather than relying solely on centralized data centers or public cloud computing. Observability tools let your operations teams gain insights into the internal states and behaviors of a system, such as the performance, health and operation of edge devices and servers by collecting, analyzing and acting upon data generated by edge devices to gain visibility into and an understanding of their operations.

Why is observability important at the edge?

Edge devices are often deployed in remote, distributed and dynamic environments with minimal to no IT operations teams, making monitoring and troubleshooting more challenging than in traditional data centers which offer much more consistency in terms of network connectivity, power, cooling and standardized hardware. Observability allows you to proactively detect and resolve issues, optimize performance and ensure the reliable operation of edge devices. It also enables you to gain insights into resource utilization, data flow and application behavior, helping you make data-driven decisions and improving the overall efficiency of your edge computing infrastructure.

In this session, Sally and Benedikt will showcase how Red Hat Device Edge, including Performance Co-Pilot, MicroShift, and OpenTelemetry, constitutes a comprehensive framework that offers robust observability capabilities for your edge devices. You will learn practical strategies and best practices for handling telemetry data from your edge fleet, helping you optimize the performance, health and operation of your edge computing infrastructure to achieve better outcomes for your organization.

Sobre el autor

Mina Karamercan is a Product Marketing Manager in the Hybrid Platforms Business Unit at Red Hat. She is a graduate of Tufts University, having completed both her undergraduate and graduate studies there. Mina's journey with Red Hat began as an intern that lead to a full-time role as a Product Marketing Manager in January 2022.

Mina specializes in promoting key products such as Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management, Red Hat Quay and Red Hat Observability. Her main focus is developing effective marketing strategies to increase product awareness and adoption. Mina is passionate about bridging the gap between technology and business and solving new world problems with innovative products.

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