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Tech Talks 

Red Hat in Central and Eastern Europe has prepared a series of Tech Talks for software developers and IT professionals who want to hear from and interact directly with Red Hat. Check below the upcoming webinars and join our experts to learn about Red Hat Open Source technology and how it can help you accelerate innovation, become more efficient, improve quality and optimize projects’ costs.

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Upcoming webinars

We are working on webinar schedules for the coming months, make sure to return to check the updates.

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Security as first class citizen for Containerized platforms and workloads

Watch the Tech Talk with Jakub Veverka for deep dive on topic "Security as first class citizen for Containerized platforms and workloads".


Red Hat OpenShift Service Mesh

During the webinar Krzysztof Korzela introducef the basic concepts of OpenShift Service Mesh, the problems they solve and he also presented some features on live demo.


Universal storage solution for Kubernetes on any infrastructure

During the presentation, Artur Pajak, Solution Architect,  showed how we can provide storage resources for persistent applications in the Kubernetes environment.


Open Hybrid Cloud: Deliver any application, on any cloud, anywhere

In this session you will learn about hybrid cloud best practices and how to gain value by transforming your applications, infrastructure, and people, process, and culture.


Serverless Java on OpenShift with Knative and Quarkus

This talk conducted by Piotr Mińkowski, Solution Architect at Red Hat will consist of two parts: a theoretical introduction and a short live coding session, followed by Q&A session.


Consolidate your application workloads with OpenShift Virtualization.

During this Tech Talk Jarosław Stakuń explains what are the key capabilities of OpenShift Virtualization, which make it a great foundation for building modern hyperconverged application platform for both containerized and virtualized workloads.


Automating Edge Systems and Workloads

Join Jakub Veverka, Senior Solutions Architect at Red Hat, for the journey outside of your data center. Jakub will guide you through the Edge environments and will show you how to scale these environments with ease, and manage them using benefits of automation.


Importance of probes for microservices health and how to implement them in Quarkus.

Kubernetes brings the concept of probes to make the platform aware of the state of microservices. For all application platforms built on Kubernetes it's really important to implement probs the right way.

Watch the recording of this Tech Talk with Marek Martofel, Cloud Native and Container Platform Lead at Red Hat to learn how.


How to secure applications and APIs using OIDC protocol? Red Hat SSO for Quarkus and RH 3scale API Management

Red Hat Single Sign-On offers a modern Identity management solution to secure applications that supports  SAML 2.0 and OIDC and support one-time passwords.
During the Tech Talk Andrzej Kowalczyk, Red Hat Senior Solutions Architect presented how to use it in cloud-native applications running on Quarkus.


Spring to Kubernetes Native with Quarkus

In this session, Patrik Plachý, Senior Solution Architect at Red Hat showed how Quarkus with OpenShift efficiently allows developers to integrate non-functional microservices capabilities into Kubernetes resources in Kubernetes Native way. 


Unleash your cloud journey with Red Hat

Watch the recording of the webinar, where David Bečvařík shares architectural concepts and use cases Red Hat can offer to streamline your cloud adoption strategy.


Application Modernization and Developer Experience not only for Java applications

In this webinar David Bečvařík and Patrik Plachý discuss the tools available to facilitate application modernization and look at example of a workflow for developers who write code, test the application, and eventually move it to the next stage of deployment into production.


OpenShift for Data Science: Streamlining MLOps and Harnessing AI

Watch the webinar recording to examine the intersection of OpenShift and Data Science. This webinar focuses on the deployment of Machine Learning Operations (MLOps) via OpenShift Data Science, showcasing its ability to simplify the Machine Learning (ML) model lifecycle from development, deployment, to management.