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Red Hat Open Demos

Red Hat Open Demos are live demonstrations conducted by Red Hat technical experts in order to provide information and technical knowledge about Red Hat products and solutions to customers and partners. Join us to connect with our technical subject matter experts and get your questions answered. 

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Scheduled demos


Topic: From ESP8266 to OpenShift cluster: discover what Red Hat can offer for edge computing!

Speakers: Nicolas Masse, Sebastien Lallemand, Adrien Legros, Florian Even and David Martini

The event will be streamed on BlueJeans Primetime.


Topic: Advanced Use Cases with Red Hat OpenShift Virtualization
Speaker: Erkan Ercan
Event will be streamed on BlueJeans Primetime


Topic: Red Hat Learning Subscription: Crafting Your Knowledge Refresher Strategy

Presenters: Mohamed Zaher and Hesham Abdel Mohsen

Event will be streamed on BlueJeans Primetime


Topic: Creating and Deploying with Ansible Content Development Tools

Presenter: Craig Brandt

Event will be streamed on BlueJeans Primetime


Topic: Red Hat Enterprise Linux : Managing systems using the web console

Speakers: Alessandro Rossi

The event will be streamed on BlueJeans Primetime.


Topic: A Developer’s Introduction to Podman Desktop

Speakers: Ian 'Uther' Lawson

The event will be streamed on BlueJeans Primetime.


Topic: DELL: Automate to integrate

Speaker: Ahmed Gaber, Alessandro Rossi, Thibaut Perrin

The event will be streamed on BlueJeans Primetime


Topic: Red Hat OpenShift Dev Spaces: the cloud-native developer workspace server and IDE

Speaker: Natale Vinto

The event will be streamed on BlueJeans Primetime


Topic: Red Hat Insights Advisor for OpenShift

Speakers: Tomas Dosek and Radek Vokal

The event will be streamed on BlueJeans Primetime


Recorded demos

Application Development

Red Hat OpenShift - Implementing containers
Red Hat Openshift - Application Development
OpenShift, Nutanix and HPE Servers providing the integrated full stack for your application
Quarkus: A modern, Kubernetes-native java framework
Running containers and virtual machines side by side with Red Hat Openshift Virtualization

Automation 2022

Automation with Ansible
Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform 2 new capabilities
Using Red Hat Ansible for Windows and Azure automation
Network Automation by Red Hat Ansible
Scale up OpenShift 4 on HPE Synergy via Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform
Automating security response and remediation with Ansible Automation Platform
Red Hat Ansible Automation with HPE OneView
Automatic Remediation on AAP2 using Insights

Automation 2023

HPE Full Stack deployment - from firmware configuration to a running SAP installation

Cloud Services

Red Hat OpenShift - Openshift on Azure
Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA)
What is Red Hat OpenShift Streams for Apache Kafka?

Data Services

How Red Hat OpenShift Data Foundation can help you solve data challenges in a cloud native world


Reducing cyber risk using Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security
Red Hat Satellite in action !
Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes
Red Hat Insights


Microshift on Edge for Smart Metering use-case
Migration from CentOS to Red Hat Enterprise Linux - The value of subscription
What's new in RHEL 9

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is allowed to attend these demos?

Anyone! The original goal of these are to provide a way for Red Hat employees to provide demonstrations of our software for their customers. However there is no reason why partners, internal employees, ISV accounts or anyone else should not join these presentations. In fact, the more the merrier.

Are the demos recorded to view at a later stage?

Yes! Recorded demos will be made available and added to this page for you to view whenever you have time. We will keep doing live demos for a more interactive experience, and for the ability to ask questions and for you to steer the direction of the presentation based on live feedback. Recordings will always have the participants permission beforehand and the Q&A section might be cut for the video to focus on the actual demonstration.

The demo is over, now what?

If you have additional questions, please contact your account manager or Solution Architect. If you do not know, feel free to email the presenter and they can help you.

What does TBA mean?

TBA = To Be Announced. There is currently no assigned person to present on that date yet.