Embrace multi-cloud container development platforms to drive cloud-native innovation

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As more organizations shift to cloud-native solutions, they need solutions that combine microservices architectures, workflow and pipeline automation, and open hybrid cloud platforms. But how can they use these technologies to scale their business and address new market opportunities? How can they leverage multi-cloud containerization to drive cloudnative innovation?

Join Tim Howard, Head of Applications Practice at Red Hat Asia Pacific, and Rajiv Ranjan, Associate Principal Architect at Red Hat, in this webinar as they discuss and answer these questions with our guest speaker Charlie Dai, Principal Analyst at Forrester. They will explore the business impact of cloudnative while analyzing the overall market landscape of enterprise container platforms. We will also learn how to analyze the functional architecture for cloud-native, helping you navigate the ecosystem for successful partnerships.

The key takeaways from this webinar include:

  • Overall market trends in APAC and Forrester’s future fit technology strategy
  • Importance of cloud platforms and practices and the pattern shift from cloud-first to cloud-native first
  • Major technology trends in the container ecosystem and how it drives enterprise modernization
  • Important factors of openness to consider while selecting a cloud partner
  • Overall market segments of enterprise container platform and the capability model of multi-cloud container development platform

Charlie Dai

Principal Analyst, Forrester

Charlie serves enterprise architecture professionals and offers strategic advice and guidance to Forrester clients in broad areas, including cloud (cloud-native and hybrid cloud management), big data and AI (machine learning and computer vision), IoT (IoT device OS and IoT software platforms), blockchain, quantum computing, digital process automation, DevOps, and open source software. He has rich experience in technology strategy, enterprise architecture, and software delivery management. Charlie is leading the global research on technology architecture in several emerging technology areas. He also focuses on the vendor landscape and best practices in China, Asia Pacific, and worldwide. Charlie is a key contributor to the consulting team that helps Forrester's clients address their business requirements and accelerate digital transformation. Charlie has extensive program management experience, rich industry expertise, and a passion for helping customers achieve success.

Tim Howard

Head of Applications Practice, Red Hat, Asia Pacific

Tim is an enterprise architect with experience working in IT transformation across various industries. Vertical industries include financial services, government, telco, software and manufacturing. At Red Hat, Tim helps customers make the journey to modern applications by getting started with containers and making the most of Red Hat Open Source software. The key focus is making People, Processes and Technology work together.

Rajiv Ranjan

Associate Principal Architect, Red Hat

Rajiv Ranjan is a Senior Consultant at Red Hat India with 14 years of industry experience. In his current role; he is responsible for architecting and delivering solutions around cloud-native apps and infrastructure, app modernisation, agile integration, business process automation and DevOps. He has worked with enterprises and public sector customers on their open source technology adoption journeys.