Enhance business agility by better managing your IT infrastructure

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As an IT Operations leader, do you find yourself thinking, "How can I plan for future IT needs when I struggle to manage today’s business demands?" Optimizing your IT infrastructure for business agility is more attainable than you think. Hear how customers—working with Red Hat—extended their environment to the infrastructure edge, deployed self-contained applications using container technology, and improved performance and increased security through real-time analytics.

In this on-demand webinar, you’ll learn about:

  • Extending to the infrastructure edge with Red Hat Enterprise Linux for edge computing

  • Easily updating or rolling back applications using Podman container technologies

  • Improving performance and increasing security through real-time analytics with Red Hat Insights

Randy Hildebrandt

Randy Hildebrandt

Senior Principal Product Marketing Manager, GTM Portfolio Program, Red Hat

Randy has served in senior-level product marketing and product management positions. His extensive hands-on experience with global corporations including HPE, Unisys, Dell, BMC Software, CSC Credit Services, and Microsoft, brings valuable insights to this discussion.

Siddharth Nagar

Siddharth Nagar

Director of Product Management, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat

Siddarth joined the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Product Management team in 2008 new to Linux, open source development, and product management. Over the course of 12 years at Red Hat, he has helped bring to market three major versions of Red Hat Enterprise Linux which continues to solve complex problems for Red Hat customers. Siddharth also collaborates with other business units to ensure that Red Hat Enterprise Linux remains a strong foundation for the rest of the Red Hat portfolio.