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The one where we brought the speed and agility of a startup to the enterprise 

Wondering how to leapfrog your competition in cloud-native development and operating models?
Looking for scale and leveraging the latest good practices like GitOps and Team Topologies?
Want to know how to reduce the cognitive load on your engineering team so they can focus on what differentiates their product​?​

Join a team of Architects, SREs and coaches from Red Hat Open Innovation Labs for a virtual walk through the walls of a Residency. 

In this edition, we'll share how we propelled the growth and organizational maturity of a customer with cloud-native technology and practices. We will address and answer all of the above questions and will explore how successful organizations:  

  • Reduce time-to-market, leverage the full potential of technology and de-risk strategic decisions related to cloud
  • Simultaneously advance the evolution of both application development and platform capability
  • Shortcut the ​adoption ​path to the cloud and mature cloud-native approach​,​ even if you haven't started yet

Bring your curiosity and questions to our next session on the 22nd of September.

Register now for this interactive virtual experience. Limited spaces available.