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Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus

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Enterprises need more than Kubernetes

Though Kubernetes provides key container orchestration capabilities, the open source project is limited in what it can do by itself, requiring additional components such as management and enhanced security to truly meet enterprise needs. 

Red Hat® OpenShift® Platform Plus provides a single hybrid cloud platform for enterprises to build, deploy, run, manage, automate, and secure intelligent applications at scale. Building on Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, a solution trusted by global, industry-leading companies, it delivers an enterprise Kubernetes system for migrating existing workloads to the cloud or building new, digital user experiences. 

With this platform, business leaders can deliver exceptional experiences without compromising quality or security. Development teams can build with speed, agility, confidence, and a choice of languages and frameworks. IT operations and security teams can support every application across infrastructures and clouds, with comprehensive security following a DevSecOps approach that enhances developer productivity while minimizing risk. OpenShift Platform Plus changes how organizations undertake digital transformation journeys by helping customers deliver applications faster than ever, grow their business, and stay competitive. 

OpenShift Platform Plus includes:

  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, a complete set of services that helps developers code applications with speed while providing flexibility and efficiency for IT operations teams.
  • Red Hat Advanced Cluster Security for Kubernetes, a solution that provides Kubernetes-native security to enhance infrastructure and workload security through the entire application lifecycle.
  • Red Hat Advanced Cluster Management for Kubernetes for extended visibility of your entire Kubernetes domain with built-in governance and application life-cycle management capabilities.
  • Red Hat Quay, an open source registry platform for managing content across global datacenter and cloud environments, focusing on cloud-native and DevSecOps development models and environments. 


  • Consistent user experience, management, and security across hybrid infrastructure: Provides consistency and a uniform interface for administrators and developers, regardless of installation location—whether on premise, in the cloud, or at the edge. As a result, teams can focus on innovation and more easily deploy applications across mixed infrastructures.
  • Comprehensive tools for cloud-native application development: Includes the components you need to build, deploy, run, and secure your applications—or you can continue to use your existing tools, integrated with Red Hat OpenShift.
  • Built-in security across the entire application lifecycle: Extends OpenShift’s already robust security and compliance capabilities with additional tools and capabilities for organizations that have unique, complex security requirements that vary across applications.
  • End-to-end management and observability: Applies consistent operational policies for security, configuration, compliance, and governance to Kubernetes clusters across on-premise and cloud infrastructure.

The Red Hat OpenShift portfolio: A choice of container solutions

Red Hat OpenShift is the leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, trusted by organizations across industries and the globe for application innovation. 

  • Red Hat OpenShift Kubernetes Engine (formerly Red Hat OpenShift Container Engine) delivers the foundational, security-focused capabilities of enterprise Kubernetes on Red Hat Enterprise Linux CoreOS to run containers in hybrid cloud environments. 
  • Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform adds a full set of operations and developer services and tools, including Serverless, Service Mesh, and Pipelines.  With OpenShift Container Platform organizations can adopt a hybrid cloud strategy and start building cloud-native applications. The proven platform includes a complete set of services that empower developers to code with speed and agility for applications while providing more flexibility and efficiency for IT Operations teams. 
  • Red Hat OpenShift Platform Plus builds on the capabilities of OpenShift Container Platform with advanced multicluster security features, day-2 management capabilities, and a global container registry. With OpenShift Platform Plus, organizations can more consistently protect and manage applications across open hybrid cloud environments and application lifecycles. 

image container Figure 1. Red Hat OpenShift portfolio overview

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