Red Hat training units

Protect your investment in Red Hat technologies

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What are training units?

IT organizations need flexibility when it comes to upskilling their teams. Training units from Red Hat allow IT departments to invest in skills enablement up front and then get the flexibility to decide on the specific courses, locations, and people later.

Use training units to secure your annual training budget and keep your teams up to speed on the Red Hat® technologies you have implemented.

Training unit benefits

Transactional ease

Gain flexibility for planning your training with only one purchase.

Financial security

Secure budget in advance for a year of training.

Reporting benefits

Get a comprehensive look at your organization’s skills development.

Flexible use

Use your balance on any Red Hat Training and Certification offering.

How to simplify your training management

01. Scope

Estimate the amount of training you will need for the year.

02. Purchase

Lock in your annual spend with one transaction.

03. Redeem

Use your account balance as you need it for the year.

04. Replenish

Contact us to refill your account balance based on future needs.

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