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It’s time to upgrade or to renew your VMware vSphere licenses. This decision is not easy for a few reasons such as:

You might be hesitantly considering paying for an upgrade and ELA renewal because you believe there is no (other) choice.

I have good news for you. There is a reliable and enterprise choice and switching has never been easier with the recent release of

Red Hat Virtualization 4.

Here are five reasons to switch from VMware to Red Hat Virtualization:

Reason Red Hat Virtualization VMware vSphere
1. User Portal Included at no additional cost, allows users to self-service - create/delete/modify virtualization resources. Requires vCloud at additional cost.
2. OpenStack
Integration with OpenStack Neutron and choice of partner networking solutions. Requires NSX at additional cost.
3. OpenStack Cinder Allows configuration of Ceph storage domains via OpenStack Cinder. Requires vSAN.
4. Licensing Subscription model includes product, all upgrades / versions, and technical support. Requires vCenter license + support, vSphere License + support, and there may be license compatibility issues across versions.
5. Easy to Migrate Migrate workloads from VMware to Red Hat Virtualization via a simple GUI. No out-of-the-box migration options.

Six minute demo:

You can run Red Hat Virtualization alongside VMware and migrate workloads in phases, perhaps starting with dev/test.

Red Hat Virtualization provides a more secure, scalable, open source alternative to expensive, proprietary virtualization offerings. Compared to competing products, Red Hat Virtualization delivers easier integration and interoperability with existing infrastructure, higher density and performance, and improved economics.

Take Red Hat Virtualization for a spin by downloading the fully supported 60-day trial today.

About the author

Jonathan Gershater joined Red Hat in 2013. Prior to Red Hat, Gershater worked at Trend Micro, Sun Microsystems, Entrust Technologies and 3Com. At Red Hat, Gershater leads market analysis for Red Hat’s open hybrid cloud platform, OpenShift, and related technologies.

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