I am very pleased to announce that Genome, the project known inside Red Hat as Everest, has officially been released under the GPLv2 at http://genome.et.redhat.com. Our intent is that this is the first of many open source projects to be developed and delivered by Red Hat Information Technology.

Genome is an architecture and a set of tools for creating Linux system configurations and replicating those configurations across multiple environments. It was conceived, matured, and open sourced by the Red Hat Information Technology team. The team worked with many others in Red Hat to insure adoption and acceptance of the solution and to foster a community outside our firm.

Genome has been in development for almost a year and has been used by multiple development teams in IT. This experience has enabled us to refine it to its present state. Genome aggregates a collection of world-class emerging technology engineering projects to improve both development and operations for IT organizations.

We plan to engage the Genome community to bring the project to its full potential and we’ve already received material contributions by individuals outside Red Hat. I encourage those of you with interest to join the Genome community. The external mailing list is genome-list@redhat.com and the IRC channel is #genome at irc.freenode.net.

I congratulate the Genome team for their outstanding contribution to Red Hat and to the Genome community.

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