Reimagine your bank

Banks are being asked for more - more convenience, more profit, more value - all while meeting regulatory obligations. With a cloud platform that supports your evolving digital strategy, you can keep your options open.

Get more value out of the cloud and artificial intelligence

Unlocking the untapped potential of the cloud means taking advantage of modern platforms. Pairing the cloud with artificial intelligence (AI) can remove technology complexity and add a competitive edge.

Modern platforms can reduce the burden of delivery and simplify operations - all while accelerating cloud adoption. Together, AI and the cloud can help your bank acquire and service customers more efficiently, create new revenue streams, and effectively manage risk.

How can Red Hat help your bank?

Streamline application development and delivery

A modern platform is essential to deliver differentiated digital services more quickly. Developers need flexibility to securely build, deploy, run, and scale applications across the cloud. A cloud-native strategy can help change your bank’s culture, process, and architecture for the better.

Scale your artificial intelligence

AI can boost sales, manage risk, and optimize operations. But, outdated systems can keep AI from reaching its full potential. With Red Hat, you can scale learning across cloud environments, access a marketplace of tools, and streamline model deployments across your banking organization. 

Simplify infrastructure and operations

Cloud technology can significantly reduce the cost of operating the bank’s technology. The right tools will help maximize efficiency and reduce complexity across multiple generations of technology. With Red Hat, you can reduce cloud complexity while keeping your options open.

Improve security and compliance

As attacks increase across the globe, security becomes more complex. The cloud can help banks adopt a platform that can maintain consistency and compliance, with less risk. Prevent costly attacks with a secure software supply chain and the capabilities needed to adopt a zero trust architecture.

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We work with a wide range of partners to help banks get more value from their cloud investments and unlock the potential of AI.

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Success Stories

Artificial intelligence

Banco Galicia aims to be Argentina's most responsive bank with the help of AI

With help from Red Hat Consulting, the bank built an AI-based intelligent, 100% digital natural language processing (NLP) platform on Red Hat technologies.


BBVA builds a fully automated cloud platform to better support its customers

BBVA provides financial services in more than 30 countries to more than 72 million customers. With help from Red Hat Solutions, its new platform creates a better customer experience.


SWIFT creates an AI platform for transaction intelligence at scale

Red Hat helped SWIFT’s community of over 11,000 financial institutions move value around the world, reliably and more securely, at scale.

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