On November 2, 2017, we announced the technical preview of a new low-code integration platform called Red Hat Fuse Online. This technical preview provided a first chance for users to experience the new platform and provide feedback.

Building on the feedback we’ve received with the  Red Hat Fuse Online technical preview, we are happy to announce the Red Hat Fuse 7.0 technical preview 3 (TP3).

Red Hat Fuse 7.0 is the next generation of the the Fuse integration platform, helping customers build faster and more robust integration solutions. Red Hat Fuse 7.0 builds upon the enterprise grade features of Red Hat JBoss Fuse 6.x and includes capabilities to build API-centric integrations, flexibility to deploy integrations where needed, and capabilities to address new integration personas that do not have development experience. Red Hat Fuse 7.0 provides patterns-based integration, advanced data manipulation,  connectivity using Apache Camel, and support for agile integration architectures.

With Red Hat Fuse 7.0 TP3 customers can develop and deploy integration solutions using

  • Fuse Standalone: supporting classic integrations
  • Fuse on OpenShift: supporting cloud-native integrations
  • Fuse Online: supporting ad-hoc integrations

With Red Hat Fuse 7.0 TP3, we have added following capabilities to Red Hat Fuse Online:

  • Generic API connector which allows APIs to be imported as connector
  • Messaging connector to publish and consume messages from Red Hat AMQ broker
  • Improved database connector that accepts user-defined SQL
  • Integration service step extensions to give developers capabilities to extend the platform
  • Export and import integrations to facilitate deployments across environments

With Fuse standalone, Fuse Online, or Fuse on Openshift, organizations have a hybrid integration platform that can be deployed across on-premise, private or public cloud. This covers a variety of use cases and provides a solid technical foundation to deliver digital services.

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Sameer Parulkar is a Product Marketing Director for Red Hat Integration products. He coordinates marketing, evangelism and product strategy for those products across all regions. Sameer has around 20 years of experience in the IT industry with various roles like developer, technical architect and product marketing primarily supporting integration middleware technologies. Sameer holds a Bachelors in Electronics Engineering (BE) from India and a MBA from Babson College.

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