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A fear of failure can stymie an organization’s transformation efforts. Transformation isn’t just about technology. Culture and process are integral components, and change to one or both can create fear in an organization.

Julio Villarreal Pelegrino, distinguished architect, hybrid cloud, at Red Hat advises, “Don’t be afraid to fail. Fail fast and fail often, but learn from failure, incorporate the lessons learned, and share the feedback.”

Pelegrino is a part of the first batch of Distinguished Architects at Red Hat: Senior-level technical contributors who've continued to advance in their careers working directly with customers and applying experience and knowledge of Red Hat technologies. 

Distinguished architects at your service

Pelegrino and other distinguished architects are part of the Red Hat Services organization. Red Hat Services can help you rehost, replatform, and refactor applications, and demonstrate value quickly through a metrics-based approach. 

Red Hat Services can also help build organizational capability to onboard teams and applications through training and proven and repeatable processes. Efficiently onboarding teams and workloads to Red Hat platforms can help foster consistency, productivity, and speed to value across your hybrid cloud environment. 

Being a part of laying the groundwork for new and exciting technologies, including advanced mobile networks and powerful applications, has been a profound experience for Pelegrino. Pelegrino says that he's driven by meeting new people to share experiences and architect the implementation and delivery of technology.

Driving innovation with hybrid cloud

Pelegrino says that he loves to work with customers on their hybrid cloud journey, from early pre-sales conversations to defining multi-product architectures and leading the implementation phase. He works to help his customers understand the benefits of hybrid cloud and works with them to realize these benefits with solutions like Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Ansible, and Red Hat Enterprise Linux.

He says that he believes in the value that customers could obtain from architecting, developing, and operating a hybrid platform and how this could deliver flexibility, speed, and stability to their business. After all, as a Distinguished Architect, driving innovation is one of his passions. 

“Red Hat allows me to empower clients, no matter their size, with ways to be faster, more stable, and able to scale according to their business needs,” says Pelegrino.

Transforming with open source

Another passion of Pelegrino's is open source. He says that he believes that open software and open culture significantly benefit businesses in their digital transformation initiatives, and are essential to any transformation process.

“In the end, having the best software in the world will not make any difference if organizations don't evolve the way they function,” says Pelegrino. Without transforming processes and the way we use tools, the tools themselves are not going to have the impact that organizations need or want.

Helping customers find success

Pelegrino and Red Hat Services are ready to help your organization realize its hybrid cloud and digital transformation goals. Here’s a selection of recent success stories and case studies with Red Hat Services where customers embraced the value and flexibility hybrid cloud:

  • NTT DATA - Built the largest financial service delivery platform in Japan using Red Hat OpenStack Platform, Red Hat OpenShift, Red Hat Ansible, and more.

  • Alpitour Group - The Italian leader in tourism, selected Red Hat OpenShift as the hybrid cloud platform of choice for their digital transformation.

  • Proximus Group - Belgium’s largest telecommunications provider, replaced its bare-metal servers with an NFV approach by standardizing on Red Hat OpenStack Platform and supported by Red Hat OpenShift and Red Hat Ceph Storage.

Find out how Pelegrino and Red Hat Services can put you on the path to an open hybrid cloud.

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Jordan Wright is part of the Services Marketing team, serving as a Technical Writer since 2018. Having started his career at Red Hat in 2015 through Technical Support, Jordan brings a technical aptitude to the various blogs and content he creates and contributes.

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