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OpenShift Commons is an ecosystem community that is open to all community participants: users, operators, enterprises, non-profits, educational institutions, partners, and service providers as well as other open source technology initiatives utilized under the hood of Red Hat OpenShift - or to extend community projects.

As the cloud native ecosystem grows ever larger, and we expand not only from cloud native workloads and technology but to ‘legacy’ workloads - we remain collectively ever agile and go with the flow as the industry itself expands as well as constricts. How do we become more efficient? How do we drive greater impact not only for our own organizations but as well as for the greater community? By giving and collaborating, it comes back to us tenfold.

Recently we came together in the “City of Lights” - Paris, France - to celebrate giving and collaborating with our community - and kick off KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2024. We heard from a number of end-users, contributors and partners throughout the day. View the playlist here.

To further celebrate our community, we announce Community Heroes at each of our main Gatherings - the next Heroes will be announced in person at Red Hat Summit.

What makes a Community Hero?

A community hero is someone who is community-minded, collaborative and inspirational. Someone who jumps in without question and is passionate about giving back to others in the greater community. Our community heroes are submitted by OpenShift Commons community members for consideration. For the community and by the community!

We are pleased to announce the OpenShift Commons Community Heroes for OpenShift Commons Gathering at KubeCon + CloudNativeCon EU 2024:

  • Mairin “Mo” Duffy
  • Emily Fox
  • Atul Sharma
  • Piotr Godowski
  • Adel Zaalouk

OpenShift Commons Community Hero: Mairin “Mo” Duffy

Mo Duffy

“As long as I've known Mo, she's been focused on the intersection between Red Hat and the community. That is the art that I believe makes open source work and makes Red Hat work. Mo has mastered that art.” - Matt Hicks, Red Hat CEO

OpenShift Commons Community Hero: Emily Fox

Emily Fox

“Emily has been a driving force to not only security related open source technology advancements but also servicing as TOC chair to the CNCF. She has been instrumental in implementing new processes, policies and changes to provide an open, collaborative ecosystem that serve our end users!” - Erin Boyd, CNCF Governing Board, CNCF Technical Oversight Committee, and Director of Emerging Technologies at Red Hat

OpenShift Commons Community Hero: Atul Sharma

Atul Sharma

“Atul has brought an amazing level of energy and design to the platforms working group. Atul helps us stay approachable with our content by simplifying and visualizing the group ideas.” - Abby Bangser, CNCF TAG App Delivery, Platforms WG Co-Chair

OpenShift Commons Community Hero: Piotr Godowski

Piotr Godowski

“Piotr has been and continues to be extremely active in the OpenShift Commons community. Piotr's engagement with the OpenShift Commons community is not limited to just marquee events, such as briefings and gatherings. You can find him everyday in the OpenShift Commons Slack workspace performing activities, such as answering questions, providing recommendations, or just talking open source.” - Andrew Block, Distinguished Architect, Red Hat

OpenShift Commons Community Hero: Adel Zaalouk

Adel Zaalouk

“Adel enthusiastically jumps in to collaborate without question and models the open source spirit. He has been consistently involved not only with OpenShift Commons - and creating a new ChatBot for the community slack - he is also heavily involved upstream with the CNCF TAG Runtime's AI Working Group. Always creative and generous with his insights - he is a true Community Hero” - Karena Angell, OpenShift Commons Community Director, Red Hat

Come see the next OpenShift Commons Community Heroes at Red Hat Summit!

Join the OpenShift Commons Community at Red Hat Summit on Monday May 6th, 2024 in Denver, CO. We hope to see you there engaged in the conversations and walking away with ideas about how to collaborate and move your organization forward through the magic of open source.

  • Community Day and OpenShift Commons Gathering - May 6, 2024 - Reserve a spot for the events through our online portal or register for the complete OpenShift Commons core sessions experience by adding all four sessions through the landing page
  • Red Hat Summit and AnsibleFest - May 6-9, 2024 - Register here

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