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ZDNet - From software developer to CEO: Red Hat's Matt Hicks on his journey to the top

ZDNet profiles Red Hat's Matt Hicks's career journey that led him to his newly appointed role as CEO.




RHEL 9 delivers latest container technologies for development and production

With the release of RHEL 9, we continue to deliver the container tools based on Pod Manager (podman), Buildah, Skopeo, Udica, CRIU and other Linux utilities. RHEL 9 continues with the philosophy of delivering what we believe is the best tool for the job, making it easier for container users to upgrade from RHEL 8 to RHEL 9. This article digs into the latest technologies and changes in how RHEL 9 packages container tools.




Modernizing risk calculations: A blueprint for a powerful architecture

Red Hat offers a portfolio of cloud-ready and cost-efficient solutions to help you better understand and manage market risk while reducing complexity. The Red Hat risk calculation framework is a powerful and cost-effective solution that gives you greater agility and operational efficiency to implement increasingly complex risk models, integrate data at scale and enable real-time responsiveness.



Partner Executive Video: Red Hat and Kyndryl Partnership

Learn how the partnership with Red Hat allows Kyndryl to jointly invest in skills and innovation to go to market as partners with one integrated joint value proposition for their customers.



5 ways to take advantage of your Red Hat TAM subscription

So, you’ve decided to give Red Hat Technical Account Management a try. Pretty cool. You’ve gained access to a very valuable Red Hat resource. Still, we’ve found that many customers fail to take full advantage of the services of their Red Hat Technical Account Manager (TAM), which can lead to customer confusion or, worse, resentment and dissatisfaction. This post takes a look at a few best practices that will help you to get the most out of your Red Hat TAM subscription.


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