Red Hat is pleased to announce that migration toolkit for applications 7.0, based on the open source Konveyor project, is now generally available. Migration toolkit for applications helps development teams modernize and migrate their applications to Red Hat OpenShift, offering tools and best practices to accelerate the journey to the hybrid cloud. Migration toolkit for applications simplifies legacy application modernization by giving project leads and migration teams insight, guidance, and alignment throughout their journey, allowing customers to benefit from faster, safer modernization.

Why migration toolkit for applications?

Oftentimes after an organization chooses to set up a new application platform, they need to adapt their applications, which can be hundreds or thousands, to be able to run properly. This can be challenging as customers may not have a comprehensive view of the applications in their portfolio to build scalable modernization plans or build a strong business case. This is where our toolkit comes in handy.

Migration toolkit for applications 7.0 now allows greater flexibility and ease to modernize applications at scale to use Red Hat OpenShift. New assessment, analysis and project management capabilities further streamline the planning and execution of safe legacy app modernization – enabling organizations to see value from these projects faster. With migration toolkit for applications 7.0, customers will benefit from: 

  • A multi-language analyzer for added guidance that shows organizations what source code changes are needed for modifying and containerizing applications at the individual application level. Organizations can analyze hundreds of applications at once. This release includes full support for Java and Tech Preview support for Golang. Support for other languages will be included in future releases.
  • Automated tagging and grouping of applications into archetypes based on attributes – allowing for a better understanding of the application landscape. This also delivers the ability to find high-impact modernization opportunities across the portfolio more easily through dynamic reports.
  • Faster time to value with the capability to execute the most impactful migration work by assigning timelines to various groups of applications. Organizations can keep track of migration progress - whether they’re working with internal or external resources by integrating with Atlassian Jira.

With migration toolkit for applications, organizations can gain valuable guidance throughout their modernization process and see their return on investment faster than ever – it’s like additional insurance for your containerization journey’s success. Software architects and developers can get access to the migration toolkit for applications with a Red Hat OpenShift or Red Hat Application Foundations subscription. You can watch a demo here. You can see the full list of capabilities of this tool here

About the author

Ramón Román is the Product Manager for the Migration Toolkit for Applications within the Modernization and Migration Solutions team in Red Hat. Prior to that, he was part of Red Hat's Consulting organization, where he worked as an Architect in the field, helping customers succeed in large-scale application migrations and Red Hat OpenShift adoption projects.

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