We’re excited to announce two major bits of security news from the Red Hat Summit today:

  • The launch of the Red Hat Enterprise IPA product
  • The acquisition of open source identity integration provider, Identyx

After the completion of a successful beta test program that was launched at the RSA security conference in April, version 1.0 of Red Hat Enterprise IPA is now generally available. If you’re not familiar with the freeIPA project upon which Red Hat Enterprise IPA is based, it was started about a year ago as an open source, standards-based identity and access management solution for the Unix/Linux environment.

Red Hat used the source from the upstream freeIPA project to build packages that were put through a rigorous quality assurance test cycle. Testing included full alpha and beta programs with a targeted group of customers. A number of different Linux and Unix clients including Red Hat Enterprise Linux, AIX Solaris and HP-UX were used in an effort to ensure support for heterogeneous clients. Customers now have a Red Hat-supported, centralized identity management solution to ease administration of their Linux and Unix users.

The other big news is the technology purchase of the Identyx code base. Identyx is an open source identity management platform company and a leading provider of virtual directory software. Its Penrose virtual directory product complements the Enterprise IPA product very well and greatly simplifies the task of integrating IPA into complex indentity infrastructures that may have many existing directories or identity repositories. You can find out more about Identyx and its product offerings here.

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