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With skill set and talent gaps ranked as the top barrier to digital transformation in Red Hat’s 2022 Global Tech Outlook Survey, organizations have ranked “technical skills training” and “people and process skills training” among their top non-technical funding priorities. For both organizations and individuals, options for training abound, and it can be hard to identify exactly where to start. 

To simplify this journey, Red Hat Training and Certification offers skills paths for all levels of experience, that address real-world IT challenges. And to make it even easier to find courses and exams that align with your goals, Red Hat has launched a new dynamic skills path experience where you can customize your path based on your certification goals, Red Hat technology goals, job roles and IT challenges. 

The Red Hat Training skills path finder begins by collecting information about your objectives and background, guiding you through the process of discovering a skills path that suits your needs.

Become Red Hat certified

If earning a Red Hat Certification is part of your professional development plan, Red Hat Training can help you get there. The dynamic skills path experience takes into account personal certification goals in order to generate a curriculum that will guide you in achieving them. 

All 30 Red Hat Certifications validate that you possess the knowledge required to stay ahead of the technology curve when it comes to the Red Hat product portfolio. If you’re still not entirely sure which certification path to take, learn about how our certifications map to skills and products you’re interested in. 

Get training on a specific Red Hat technology

Adopting new technology requires new skills, and it’s important to stay up to speed on the latest releases of products and their capabilities. Our technology-based skills paths were carefully crafted based upon real-world use cases so you can take full advantage of features in Red Hat technologies to solve challenges you face day-to-day in your job. 

Our course authors are experienced IT professionals who work directly with the engineers developing Red Hat technologies to make sure the courses we’re offering cover the most up-to-date versions and features in Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, Red Hat OpenShift, or other technologies across Red Hat's portfolio.

Find a skill path that can advance your career 

Keep pace with your industry peers by exploring your professional development opportunities by role. Red Hat offers training and certification for a variety of IT industry roles, including sysadmins, architects, operators, engineers and developers. The dynamic skills path tool can generate paths for beginners who want to achieve their next career goal, or experienced practitioners looking to broaden or advance their skill sets.

Solve specific IT challenges 

Technical skills gaps can slow innovation. Real-world skills development through role-based courses and hands-on labs can help you and your team overcome technical obstacles, catalyzing digital transformation. These skills paths are based upon real-world use cases, including infrastructure modernization, IT automation, migrations and upgrades, container management, and accelerating application development. 

Just minutes of your time can help change the trajectory of your career and organization. Answer a few short questions to find your personalized skills path now. You can also join the Red Hat Learning Community to gain insights and discuss your skills path with industry peers and Red Hat portfolio experts. 

Sobre o autor

Chris Tusa started his career in the webhosting and managed services industry, helping to establish new offerings at Rackspace and Flexential, with products such as Virtual Private Cloud and Compliance. In 2010, Tusa joined Red Hat as a cloud-specialist solution architect, partnering with some of Red Hat’s largest customers to design, plan and execute their hybrid cloud strategy. Today, he is a leader in Red Hat's Customer Success organization, responsible for customer and partner hands-on education.

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