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This is the third part of a three-part series. Check out the other two posts below!

In the final part of our three-part blog series on the state of customer experience at Red Hat, we will cover enhancements that our marketing teams made in 2021 based on customer feedback. In addition, we will recap where we have been and will look ahead at the plans we have as an organization in 2022 to continue to advance and improve the customer experience. 

Marketing enhancements

Our marketing teams are always working to improve not only our web properties, but also to ensure that customers are connected with the resources they need throughout their IT journey with Red Hat. 

In 2021, our customers indicated how important it is to easily access and navigate our websites and how product registration should be as simple as possible for new users. Here are some highlights of how we incorporated your feedback this past year.

  • Released the Red Hat product trial center: Our team created the product trial center to be the centralized location for all Red Hat product trials. Users can use this hub to easily explore and learn more about our no-cost trials. Check it out here.  

  • New universal navigation is available across several web properties: Several of our web properties released new site navigation designs this year. The improvements incorporated in these redesigns should significantly improve accessibility, create a more unified experience across our web properties, and will make it easier to get to the things that matter to you most. You can view the new navigation component on,,,,, and

Recapping where we’ve been 

Implementing a customer-centric culture across the company is one of our top priorities. We worked on this by listening to customer feedback, sharing it across the company, advocating for Red Hat’s customer-centric culture, and working hard to improve our customer’s overall experience.

One of the largest initiatives that the Customer and Partner Experience team focused on last year was standing up our Customer Experience 360 (CX360) model, a customer-centric approach to measuring our business through discovery, onboarding, renewal, and adoption. What started as an idea morphed into a living and breathing listening model over the course of the year. 

The CX360 model was implemented to reshape the way we listen to our customers to improve their experience along their entire journey with Red Hat. We designed and launched new life cycle touchpoint surveys, collected and analyzed data in areas that had never been collected before, and actively worked to understand and improve your overall experience. From onboarding to renewals, teams throughout Red Hat have worked to truly take a customer-centric approach to measuring and improving the customer journey.

Looking ahead

Red Hat has big plans to continue to drive customer success this year. We plan to continue refining and listening to the feedback collected from our CX360 model, but we are also working to completely evolve our customer success strategies this year. 

The Customer and Partner Experience team plan to focus on implementing new ways of collecting customer feedback, analyzing and visualizing feedback data, and operationalizing this feedback by providing dedicated consultation to the business to help to drive key enhancements. Our hope as a company is to continue to drive actionable, meaningful, and valuable change for our customers and partners.  

How to have your voice heard

Throughout 2022 and beyond, we want to hear from you! There are several ways to share your feedback with us. 

See your ideas in action on our You Asked. We Acted. page, join the conversation and share an idea in our Customer Portal Community, provide your thoughts directly on our product documentation (see how to do this here), engage with our CX360 listening posts, or simply fill out your Net Promoter Score survey. Your continued engagement with these outlets helps us to know how to best improve your overall experience with our products and services. 

Thank you to all of our customers that provided feedback throughout the past year. We heard you and appreciate your continued trust and partnership. We are committed to your success and look forward to driving more enhancements in 2022. 

Read more about the state of customer experience in the first two issues of our three-part blog series:

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Red Hat's Customer and Partner Experience team works to drive customer and partner success by collecting, analyzing and operationalizing feedback. The team works with all areas of Red Hat to drive enhancements based on the feedback we receive from users.

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