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Virtual event

A visual journey to reach business outcomes through culture, practices and technology

20 de janeiro de 2022 09:00 UTC
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3 women drawing on a wall

The one where we co-created a platform.

Puzzled with all the buzz about the platforms?
Intrigued by organisations treating their platform as a product?
Keep wondering how to make the most of your platforms?
Bring your curiosity and questions to our next session.

WHO transforms global health with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

Modern platforms need to be managed and developed as a product.  Businesses that want to achieve great market agility and stay relevant need to ensure they are delivering value to customers in a timely manner. A streamlined, well maintained, evolving platform is a key advantage in achieving the right flow for your business. 

On 20th January  join us to discover: 

  • How we worked with one of our customers to redefine their approach to their platform.
  • How reducing the cognitive load on  developers and focusing on business outcomes were put at the centre of decision making. 
  • How this helped them improve platform adoption among their developer community and reduced the time to value for new features their customers wanted. 

You’ll also learn about the principles of open innovation and decision-making, along with  how product development teams put them into practice. 

See what drives the development of a new product, including the importance of team dynamics and culture;

We’ll also show you how to build an ‘army of advocates’ in your organization to support your change initiatives and deliver transformative outcomes.

Register now for this interactive virtual experience. Limited spaces available.