Red Hat Partners Rally Around JBoss EAP 7

Red Hat anchors vision for the future of enterprise development with Java-based hybrid cloud applications


Red Hat, Inc. (NYSE: RHT), the world's leading provider of open source solutions, today highlighted the breadth and depth of its global partner ecosystem around Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (JBoss EAP) 7, the latest version of Red Hat's industry-leading open source Java EE 7 compliant application platform, and its vision for the future of Java-based hybrid cloud application development.


As we look back on the last 10 years of JBoss, partners have played an important role in helping us to get to where we are today – not just for JBoss EAP, but for Red Hat's entire middleware portfolio. We want to acknowledge these relationships and thank our partners for the role they have played in our past and can play in our future.

Rob Cardwell

vice president, Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, Red Hat

JBoss EAP is built to be modular and lightweight, and offer high performance and security features while meeting enterprise reliability and compliance standards. With the availability of JBoss EAP 7, Red Hat pushes beyond the Java EE specification to offer additional enhancements focused on developer friendliness, high productivity, and cloud architectures to give partners and customers more flexibility, agility, and speed to deliver innovative applications.

As the world's first open source company to earn two billion dollars in revenue, Red Hat relies on a vast partner ecosystem made up of independent software vendors (ISVs), global and regional systems integrators (SIs), and value-added resellers (VARs), in addition to an extensive channel of original equipment manufacturer (OEM), distributor, and reseller partners.

Over the last 10 years, many partners have built businesses and dedicated practices focused on enabling customers to develop, connect, deploy, and manage applications using lightweight, cloud-friendly, open source technologies from Red Hat. These partners play a key role in supporting enterprises in their journey toward digital transformation as they move from traditional Java EE toward hybrid cloud architectures based on agility and flexibility via DevOps practices, microservices-style architectures, and containers.

Today, more than 1,100 ISV applications or products bundle technologies from Red Hat's middleware portfolio, or are certified to run on or integrate with Red Hat JBoss Middleware platforms. Red Hat's Advanced and Premier Middleware partners include more than 400 consulting and systems integration partners, and most of the leading global systems integrators.

Supporting Quotes
Rob Cardwell, vice president, Strategic Partnerships and Alliances, Red Hat
“As we look back on the last 10 years of JBoss, partners have played an important role in helping us to get to where we are today – not just for JBoss EAP, but for Red Hat's entire middleware portfolio. We want to acknowledge these relationships and thank our partners for the role they have played in our past and can play in our future.”

Heinz Wilming, director, Red Hat JBoss Competence Center, akquinet
“Java EE, open source and open standards provide us with the opportunity to design, implement and run large and critical business applications in a future-proof manner. Red Hat, being the leading open source company, serves as a catalyst in the open source community. The newly released JBoss EAP 7 makes Red Hat one of the first and leading providers of an application server that is fully Java EE certified and also provides full-fledged provider support. Red Hat's long-lasting support, regular updates and interoperability offer protection of investment and confidence in the future for both our customers and akquinet.”

Matthew Polly, vice president of worldwide alliances and business development, AppDynamics
"AppDynamics has long been a platform of choice for monitoring of application performance and availability in JBoss EAP. After six years as a Red Hat partner, we know that an effective application performance management strategy, such as the one provided by AppDynamics on JBoss EAP, is key in order to gain efficiencies from existing Java enterprise applications. JBoss EAP 7 gives customers a solid foundation to expand to cloud environments, containers and microservices architectures and we look forward to supporting it with our world-class Application Intelligence Platform and growing together with Red Hat."

Andreas Hack, chief technology officer, Atos
“As Europe's largest vendor-neutral systems integrator, Atos collaborates with a variety of open source vendors. In the last three years none of our collaborations has been as successful as the one with Red Hat. The basis of success formed a joint project in Germany. During this project, Atos supplied application server software in accordance with the Java EE 6 specification and maintenance and support services for this software. This requirement was met with JBoss EAP 6. The open source solution was more cost-effective for application development for this project and its operation than previously used application server software. JBoss EAP 7 opens up a wide new area of our system integration and managed services activities. JBoss EAP 7 can keep up with the speed of evolution of technological advances, modern architecture styles, and most importantly our customers’ needs, and helps provide self-contained microservices, agile development, smooth test and deployment, massive scalability – all without leaving behind the proven JBoss heritage.”

Sacha Labourey, CEO and founder, CloudBees
"It is exciting to see the direction Red Hat is taking JBoss. With JBoss EAP 7, IT teams are empowered to adopt modern technologies and architectures. As a Red Hat partner, we are pleased to see JBoss evolve in this way. Organizations can now further embrace JBoss as a de facto middleware standard, benefit from a more cost efficient platform, and support their transformative IT initiatives, such as DevOps, cloud and continuous delivery. JBoss EAP 7 is a win for Red Hat, CloudBees and our mutual customers."

Ravi Mayuram, senior vice president, Products, Couchbase
"Containers, microservices and NoSQL are an essential requirement for modern applications as enterprises transform themselves to build digital economy businesses. JBoss EAP 7, with Java EE 7 compliance, and Couchbase products (Couchbase Server 4.5, Couchbase Mobile 1.2) together provide the agility to develop and deploy at scale for meeting ever-growing customer demands for web, mobile, and IoT applications."

Pierre Fricke, vice president, Product Marketing, EnterpriseDB
“Enterprises must deliver digital competitive advantage now more than ever. This requires an IT organization that can rise to the challenge of constant change. Rapid development and deployment of new applications and data require flexible, open source platforms. By combining JBoss EAP 7 and EDB Postgres, enterprises can be liberated from expensive, rigid IT infrastructure so they can accelerate delivering digital business.”

Kenichi Tachinooka, Director, Intelligent Wave Inc.
“The stability and reliability provided by the foundational products of Red Hat have now become essential factors for developing mission-critical applications for financial messaging field where Intelligent Wave Inc. has long been strong. We believe that JBoss EAP 7 can contribute to the further evolution of our software solutions with its advanced and appealing features implementing the latest Java EE 7 specification.”

Gus Robertson, CEO, of NGINX, Inc.
“NGINX has a strong, collaborative partnership with Red Hat across the enterprise Linux, OpenShift, and JBoss platforms, and we are excited to continue this and support the release of JBoss EAP 7. Many of today’s leading organizations adopt NGINX Plus for high performance load balancing and traffic routing for their mission critical applications, both on-premise and in the cloud, enabling them to handle a larger volume of users while providing a faster and more consistent user experience. With JBoss EAP 7, NGINX is working to enable a more seamless future for enterprise application development and delivery as organizations move to containers and microservices to achieve even greater flexibility and scale.”

James Chinn, CEO, Shadow-Soft
“As Red Hat's Middleware Partner of the Year for both 2015 and 2016, Shadow-Soft has been eagerly anticipating the JBoss EAP 7 release. JBoss EAP 7 goes far beyond an incremental update because it enables users to truly embrace a microservices-based deployment, management and scaling model. These improvements align well with a cloud or container first strategy that many of our customers demand today.”

Daniel Braunsdorf, CEO, Viada
“JBoss has been a part of the Red Hat family for 10 years now, and at the same time we will celebrate 10 years of partnership between Viada and Red Hat. In all these years, the announcements of major releases of the JBoss EAP have been some of the most exciting moments. Today we are glad to see JBoss EAP 7 based on a modular, lightweight stack that can be deployed in a variety of environments – on-premise or in cloud architectures such as OpenShift – matching the requirements of modern Java enterprise architectures.”

Joe Dickman, senior vice president, Vizuri
“It is hard to believe that it has been 10 years since Red Hat’s acquisition of JBoss. What started out as a Java application server purchase has been transformed into a suite of enterprise-class middleware solutions that Fortune 500 and federal agencies have come to rely and build their businesses upon. Vizuri was partners with JBoss in 2003 before the Red Hat acquisition and has built a world-class consultancy specializing in Red Hat’s emerging products. We look forward to taking the journey with Red Hat as they work to break the mold again in the new world of the application economy.”

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