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Wondering how Red Hat is helping its customers succeed? We regularly publish customer success stories that highlight how we're helping customers gain efficiency, cut costs, and transform the way they deliver software. This month we'll look at how Microsoft, SIA, and Fortuna Entertainment Group have worked with Red Hat to improve their business.

Ansible Automation Platform helps Microsoft reduce complexity

Red Hat's Ansible Automation Platform is helping quite a few businesses reduce routine, repeatable tasks and complexity in their systems. Microsoft is one of many organizations that have worked with Red Hat Consulting to deploy Red Hat Ansible Automation and simplify processes and experiences for end users across its services and applications.

"Digital transformation at Microsoft is about how we’re reinventing our operations and radically improving customer experience by eliminating manual work," says Ryan Mecca, Principal Software Engineering Group Manager, Engineering Platforms and Data Insights, at Microsoft.

Keeping pace with customer and partner expectations required addressing increased complexity across Microsoft's corporate network infrastructure—composed of tens of thousands of endpoints, more than 400 engineers, and close to 150,000 total employees—that connects all of Microsoft's offices, sites, and retail locations worldwide.

"We have thousands of devices of various makes and models and software versions, so at times, it's hard to keep up with all the different vendors and ways that we interact with those devices," said Bart Dworak, Software Engineering Manager at Microsoft.

Additionally, code created by development and engineering teams was not version-controlled or peer-reviewed, leading to duplication, quality issues, and further complexity. "We had to change our mindset in how we're managing and deploying our global network, which included not only modernizing our platforms but modernizing our skill sets," says Mecca.

For the full story, be sure to read the case study about how Microsoft is creating automation environments with Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform.

SIA builds scalable, efficient payment platform with Red Hat

SIA is a financial services company that provides Italy's national payment platform. Not surprisingly, their payment platform has short-term peaks in demand and a growing transaction volume.

SIA reports that their original platform was unable to meet peak demand in processing requests, for example before quarterly tax deadlines. SIA decided to turn to Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform to address their needs for scalability and business growth with a microservices and container-based approach.

"Over the last six years, transaction demands have grown substantially, so we decided to move to microservices and containers," said Matteo Combi, Solution Architect at SIA. "We needed to guarantee high performance and availability, and we could not afford to interrupt services with any downtime for maintenance."

"We had already used Red Hat solutions for other projects and were very satisfied with them," said Stefano Menotti, Head of Digital & Data Driven Solution at SIA. "We wanted to partner with a company like Red Hat because we know we can rely on them. We chose OpenShift Container Platform because it was the best container orchestration solution to manage the peaks in demand we’re facing."

For the full story, be sure to read the case study about how SIA built their payment platform with OpenShift.

Fortuna Entertainment Group bets on Red Hat

The Fortuna Entertainment Group is Central Europe's largest betting organization, with operations in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic, Poland, Romania, and Croatia. To expand even more, Fortuna wanted to launch new services faster and more consistently across its markets.

However, bottlenecks in IT infrastructure management caused delays. "In the betting and gaming industry, time to market is everything," said David Peknic, R&D Director at Fortuna Entertainment Group. "Our future needed to be faster and more automated."

Additionally, the company sought to improve consistency with a common service platform across its international operations. This platform would need to scale on demand, as sports betting traffic can spike dramatically during weekend events.

"We needed a common platform operating with a single code language—one that can be deployed anytime, anywhere," said Peknic. "Our business is growing 20% year over year. We expect to continue to make more acquisitions, and we want to onboard them quickly. This platform will help us do so and build a competitive advantage."

Read the entire case study and learn all about Fortuna Entertainment Group's outcomes and where they're going with Red Hat.

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