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In May 2020, Red Hat & AWS announced a new fully-managed and jointly supported offering, combining the power of Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading enterprise Kubernetes platform, and the AWS public cloud. Previously named Amazon Red Hat OpenShift, we are excited to introduce Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS (ROSA). Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS enables organizations to build, deploy, and manage Kubernetes applications with OpenShift running natively on AWS.

We previously collected an interest list for the service and today, we are excited to announce a preview for Red Hat OpenShift on AWS.

Red Hat OpenShift on AWS offers a fully integrated solution that enables customers to get up and running quickly on OpenShift directly from the AWS console. Additional features & benefits include: 

  • A Native AWS Experience: A Native AWS service accessed on-demand through the console, supported by AWS and Red Hat and billed through AWS. 
  • AWS service integration: AWS has a robust portfolio of cloud services, such as compute, storage, networking, database, analytics, and machine learning, which are directly accessible via Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS. This makes it easier to build, operate, and scale globally on demand through a familiar management interface.
  • Enabling the Hybrid Cloud: Delivering a consistent operator and developer experience whether you are running OpenShift on premises or on AWS. Easily move your workloads to AWS without changing development tooling, build pipelines and core services.
  • Flexible consumption based pricing: Customers can leverage hourly, pay-as-you-go or annual pricing for customers  that are able to take advantage of up-front commitments.  
  • Fully Managed Platform: Installation, monitoring, management, maintenance, and upgrades are performed by Red Hat site reliability engineers (SRE) covering the complete stack including the control plane, worker nodes and key services.
  • Fully Integrated support experience: With joint support from Red Hat and Amazon  and a 99.95% SLA. 
  • Unified Bill: Customers will receive a single invoice from AWS for both Red Hat OpenShift and AWS consumption.

The Road Ahead 

Together with AWS, we  plan to enhance the getting started experience through the AWS Management Console by making it easy to create ROSA clusters, manage them, and streamline authentication later in 2021. In addition, we are exploring opportunities to improve the IAM permissions experience, integration with AWS EC2 Networking, Amazon Controllers for Kubernetes, and Amazon’s official Kubernetes networking  and storage plugins for a more integrated experience. 

Both Red Hat and AWS engineering teams are working towards GA in the coming months. Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform are currently available on AWS and customers looking to leverage OpenShift on AWS can use these options today. 

For now, if you are interested in joining the preview of Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS, please fill out this form

For more information & FAQs, visit the Red Hat OpenShift Service on AWS product webpage and AWS webpage

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