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A recent survey sponsored by Red Hat among 950 IT leaders from around the world found that 69 percent consider open source very or extremely important to their organization’s overall enterprise infrastructure software strategy.

Open source not only provides access to the latest innovation, it is also a platform for imagination - a catalyst for people and ideas to come together. Red Hat and our partners will explore these ideas together at the Red Hat EMEA Partner Conference 2019 on June 25-27, 2019 in Prague.

Red Hat EMEA Partner Conference offers the chance to build connections, expand networks and uncover new ways to collaborate with Red Hat and our ecosystem. Equally important, the conference offers an opportunity to experience the spirit of collaboration and deep connection that makes the Red Hat partner community unique in the industry.

Some of the conference highlights include:

  • Hands-on labs: Instructor-led sessions with a particular product or solution focus, allowing you to test drive innovative tools and technologies first-hand.

  • Robot Car Hackathon: A learning experience for both developers and non-developers alike, to develop simple code as a team to guide a robot car through a labyrinth.

  • Free Red Hat exams: A limited contingent of free-of-charge Red Hat training exams such as the Red Hat Certified System Administrator (RHCSA) and Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) exam - but only a few seats remain!

Red Hat equips our partners to meet the demand for transformational technology and services. This year’s agenda features the latest in hybrid cloud computing, containers and IT automation to provide partners with the knowledge to grow together with Red Hat. Great things happen when people and ideas come together, so join us to find out how enterprise open source adds value for your customers.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to join in on these sessions and activities, and network with other Red Hat partners. Learn more about the Red Hat EMEA Partner Conference 2019 and register today!

We look forward to seeing you in Prague!

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