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Thank you to everyone who attended this year's Red Hat Summit in Denver! It was an exhilarating few days filled with exciting sessions about open source innovation and Red Hat's enterprise solutions. The Red Hat Services booth was packed with customers and partners sharing stories that underscored the value of Technical Account Management (TAM) in successful Red Hat software deployments, demonstrating how useful it is to have a dedicated expert guiding your technical journey.

If you couldn't join us in person, here are a few of the key takeaways about how a TAM can contribute to your team:

  1. Expert guidance: TAMs are your personal Red Hat tech gurus. They possess a deep understanding of Red Hat software and best practices, helping you make informed decisions and optimize your infrastructure
  2. Single point of contact: TAMs help simplify your experience by acting as your sole contact point with Red Hat. This reduces the hassle of dealing with multiple support channels, so your issues can be resolved more quickly
  3. Proactive support: Our TAMs provide proactive support by helping identify and address potential issues before they escalate,  reducing downtime and improving the reliability of your systems
  4. Customized solutions: TAMs work closely with you to grasp your business objectives and tailor strategies that align with your specific needs, whether it’s designing scalable infrastructure or boosting performance

Technical Account Management at Red Hat Summit 2024

This year's on-site Think Tank sessions offered a dynamic platform for discussions with Red Hat experts, focusing on how TAM services can help solve real-world business and IT challenges. Participants engaged in hands-on whiteboarding and brainstorming sessions, working alongside seasoned open source professionals.

Session highlights included

  • Real-world scenarios: Attendees explored real-world customer challenges and witnessed firsthand how TAMs provide innovative solutions and drive tangible results
  • Collaborative problem-solving: Lively discussions fostered a collaborative environment where insights were shared and solutions were shaped
  • Demonstrations and use cases: From deployment strategies to performance optimization, practical demonstrations highlighted the effectiveness of TAMs in deployment strategies and performance optimization

Attendees walked away with actionable insights, best practices, networking opportunities with fellow attendees and Red Hat experts, and ideas about how they can grow their collaboration with the TAMs.

Throughout the event, TAM-led sessions offered insights into hardening Enterprise environments, demystifying identity management and fostering collaboration. These sessions showcased various case studies and success stories that highlighted how TAMs help organizations understand how Red Hat products work, and provide them with support and guidance they need to operate complex environments with confidence.

Looking ahead

We hope the insights gained at Red Hat Summit inspire you to continue innovating and collaborating. Keep an eye out for announcements about upcoming events, and visit our Red Hat Summit Resources Page for recordings and additional materials from this year’s event.

Thank you once again to all our attendees and speakers for making this year's Red Hat Summit a success. We look forward to seeing you again!

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Imed Chihi runs the Global Technical Account Management Practice at Red Hat. He has been with the company for more than 14 years, taking roles as Technical Account Manager, then as Manager of regional Customer Success teams. Prior to Red Hat, he was with Bull, Sagemcom and Sprint in Tunisia, the US, the UK and in the Gulf. Imed has been an Open Source advocate since 1996 and was involved with Open Source technologies for the past 24 years in various roles covering training, consulting, systems administration, IT management and people management. Strong with a long experience in both technical and leadership roles, he developed a solid and deep understanding of the technology and the associated social considerations to build and run a successful organization and engaged teams. Imed holds an engineering degree and a MSc. in Computer Sciences.

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