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Comcast & Affiliates Monthly Webcast: Cloud-Native Journey for Cable, Media and Entertainment Providers

Rivedi il webinar del 23 luglio 2020

Virtual Network Functions (VNFs) are currently part of a standard network architecture and the service provider journey towards more agile services, but still have limitations. Agility and scalability are desired in cloud-native environments, and legacy VNFs make this harder, if not impossible. This is especially troublesome with NFV being a backbone technology for telco or edge networks, which demand large-scale deployment with agility, portability, scalability and a much lower overhead. 

The promise of CNFs:

The adoption of Cloud Native Network Functions (CNFs) has proved to be beneficial for Telco deployments. CNFs use micro service architecture by disaggregating network functions and running these in containers. Containerization of network functions makes it possible to run a variety of services on the same cluster and more easily on-board already decomposed applications, while dynamically directing network traffic to correct pods. Additionally, CNFs and their co-existence and interplay with VNFs - and their legacy systems, are in a necessary transition as adoption of the cloud-native environment extends. As demands escalate, deployment times compress, and complexity of solutions increase, service providers must fully automate the development, deployment, maintenance and operation of the network. While this is largely applicable to any Telcom industry, Cable and Media providers have also spent time investigating this and adopting to their operating environments. Cablelabs is building a cloud native reference architecture in which Red Hat is involved in providing guidance and contributing to infrastructure patterns.

In this session, we’ll explore:

* The requirements CNFs pose on the infrastructure

* Considerations architects must take into account while building the migration plan

* Characteristics the infrastructure must exhibit for optimal performance of CNFs

* Architectures for deployment of CNFs at core and edge along with VNFs and long term migration plan to a common platform

* Automation of the cloud native environments - what to expect at each layer We will lay out the context to Cable and Media industry and provide examples of how they are moving towards a cloud native architecture.

Live event date: Thursday, July 23, 2020 | 2 p.m. ET

On-demand event: Available for one year afterward.

Azhar Sayeed

Chief Architect, Red Hat