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Containerization: Migrating existing applications

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Docker made it simple to run a single process in a Linux container. We often have quick success getting something like Apache or MySQL running in a docker container, especially if it's part of an application being built from scratch. Once developers and operations teams have success with simple or new applications, they recognize the management and operational benefits they could achieve for all of their workloads. What about existing applications that were never designed to run in a container? Not every application is easy to containerize. There aren't clear best practices for migrating all types applications. In this session, Duke University and Red Hat will share experiences migrating actual applications.

Topics will range from applications that support active space missions at JPL, to avoiding a distributed denial of service attack at Duke University, to migrating an integrated, open source, identity management project or product at Red Hat. Containers can help strengthen existing applications, and we want to share how we've done it.

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2016년 10월 14일