As a professional in the constantly evolving IT industry, keeping pace requires not only skills but also a way to showcase them. Red Hat appreciates the significance of acknowledging and rewarding individual learning achievements. Red Hat Certification offers credentials that demonstrate competence across the entire product portfolio, and has become a trusted symbol of expertise for individuals and organizations alike.

Recognizing achievements with Red Hat Digital Credentials

Red Hat Digital Credentials play an important role in acknowledging learning achievements, community contributions, and ecosystem engagement. These credentials aim to encourage the adoption of Red Hat technologies and facilitate customer success. The introduction of digital badges has elevated this recognition by allowing learners to share their achievements, develop a personal brand, and show the world that their skills are current and verifiable.

What's new: Digital badges for training course attendance elevating learning experience

Red Hat is excited to announce a new feature that enhances the learning experience for its community – Digital Badges for Training Course Attendance. This feature aims to celebrate the commitment and dedication of individuals who actively participate in Red Hat Training courses.

The image is a Red Hat digital badge for completing the "Red Hat Enterprise Linux Diagnostics and Troubleshooting" course, indicating verified attendance and skill acquisition.

How it works

Upon successfully completing a Red Hat Training course, participants will now receive a unique digital badge. This badge serves as a portable, verified, and data-rich record of their attendance. It not only highlights the skills acquired but also validates the authenticity of the achievement. The badge becomes a valuable asset, allowing individuals to showcase their commitment to ongoing learning and professional development. Instructions for claiming your digital badge and downloadable certificate can be found here.

Share your success

Sharing your Training Course Attendance badge is a breeze. Whether on social media, in your professional network, or embedded in your resume, the badge serves as a visual testament to your dedication to staying updated with the latest in Red Hat technologies. The digital badge also provides viewers with the ability to verify its authenticity, ensuring that your skills are recognized and trusted.

The value of Red Hat Digital Credentials

Red Hat Digital Credentials, including the new Training Course Attendance badge, play a pivotal role in shaping the narrative of skills and expertise. They are more than just badges – they are symbols of continuous learning, community engagement, and proficiency in Red Hat technologies.

Questions and support

Find answers to common questions about Red Hat Course Attendance credentials and downloadable certificates here. For additional support contact Red Hat Digital Credentialing Program and a ticket will be opened with the team.

Learn more

Learn more about Red Hat's Digital Credentialing Program and see all of Red Hat’s digital badges here.

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