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Red Hat digital credentialing support and FAQs

Among Red Hatters, partners, customers, and B2B customers, Red Hat Digital Credentials recognize and reward educational achievements and experience, community contributions, and program participation, including an ecosystem of engagement that supports customer success in adopting Red Hat® technologies. If you have questions, review this support information and these frequently asked questions.


Answer:  The Red Hat Digital Credentialing Program is a global, centrally managed Red Hat program, chartered with recognizing and rewarding learning achievements, community contributions, and ecosystem engagement to foster the adoption of Red Hat technologies and support customer success. Learn more about the program.

Answer: A Red Hat Digital Credential is a record of achievement earned upon meeting defined criteria. Red Hat Digital Credentials can represent many types of achievements.

Answer: A Red Hat digital badge is a sharable, verified, portable, data-rich form of that record. Sharing digital badges issued by Red Hat is one appropriate way to display Red Hat Digital Credentialing Program-supported achievements on social media, on the web, and in other digital settings.


  • Red Hat Professional Certification Digital Credentials—This credential type is used exclusively by the Red Hat Certification program. The digital badge earner must be successful on a Red Hat Certification exam, which is a comprehensive hands-on validation of skills and knowledge. Learn more about Red Hat Digital Credentials for Red Hat Certified Professionals.
  • Knowledge Development Digital Credentials—This digital credential type reflects knowledge achievement through the completion of structured content and courseware. Validation that recipients have met the objective criteria is required for the digital credential.  
  • Contribution and Impact Digital Credentials—This digital credential type requires human review of evidence of applied knowledge and criteria that are met and represents participation within a specific role or program, contributions, or other skill achievements with measurable business results.  
  • Program Membership Digital Credentials—This digital credential type is issued to represent Red Hat program participation for an individual or an organization. Validation that recipients have met the objective criteria is required for the digital credential and will be reviewed by the Red Hat Digital Credentialing Council for approval.  
  • Digital credentials for Red Hat Awards—All Red Hat Award credential requests will be reviewed by the Red Hat Digital Credentialing Council for approval and must be a Red Hat corporate-sponsored award. Validation that recipients have met the objective criteria is required.

Answer: Red Hat Digital Credentials make it easy to share your achievement, help develop your own professional brand, and show the world your skills are current and verifiable

Answer: No. There is no cost to Red Hat digital badge earners for accepting, storing, managing, and sharing Red Hat digital badges.

Credly partnership

Answer: Red Hat has a vendor relationship with Credly to manage the digital badges for the web-based credentialing program. is the website from which you claim (accept), store, and share active digital badges related to your credentials and where those to whom you send your credentials can verify the skills and criteria needed to obtain your digital badge.

Answer: : IBM and Red Hat have a joint certification-credentialing program with Credly. IBM is issuing digital badges to individuals that have both the qualifying Red Hat OpenShift® and IBM Cloud Pak credentials. See additional information about IBM credentials.

Answer: Visit Credly support for additional details and visit the Red Hat landing page on the Credly digital badging platform.


Accepting and claiming digital badges

Answer: Participating in Red Hat’s digital badging process is voluntary. Red Hat will only share information with Credly if you agree to participate in the process.

Answer: Upon selecting the “Accept” link in the email sent by Credly (, you will be taken to the Credly website. Create an account with Credly, which will let you claim the digital badge Red Hat has issued you. Once you have accepted the digital badge, you will have the ability to share with social sites and send emails announcing your achievement.


Answer: In order to receive a Red Hat Certification digital badge the Red Hat Certified Professional must complete the steps below:

  1. If you haven’t already, create a account.
  2. You must then follow the steps to associate your own unique certification ID with your account login in order for your certification to be validated on the Red Hat Certification verify page or to be found in a search.
  3. While you are completing step 2, be sure to “check the box” to confirm that you would like for Red Hat to issue you a Red Hat Certification downloadable certificate and a Red Hat Certification digital badge. Checking the box signifies your permission for Red Hat to share your name, email, and Red Hat-issued Certification ID with Credly. Credly will then send an email to you with instructions on how to accept and begin sharing your new Red Hat Certification digital credential and downloadable certificate.

Answer: No. Digital badges and downloadable certificates are a Red Hat Certification program benefit. It is up to you whether or not to use them to share your achievement of earning a Red Hat Certification.

Answer: Red Hat Certification transitioned to a new digital badge issuance process, and the previously issued digital badges will no longer be active or supported. Our third-party vendor, Credly, handles our new end-to-end solution for issuing and managing digital credentials and downloadable and printready customized certificates that include a QR code that links to your own Credly profile page (for which you must first create a Credly account).

Answer: Submit the contact form if you have problems or questions related to Red Hat Certification. For questions related to your Credly digital badge earner account and profile, as well as issues related to claiming your digital badge after receiving a notification, please visit the Credly support page.


Sharing your Red Hat digital badge

Answer: Credly works with several popular social and professional networking platforms. You can easily share your Red Hat digital badge on social and professional networking sites, email to clients, or personal websites. The visual representation of your Red Hat digital badge also lets your contacts verify the credentials that you have earned. It is a user-friendly way to share your achievements with your contacts. Every credential and profile on Credly has a unique URL that can be embedded on a resume or website.

Answer: Follow Credly’s step-by-step instructions to add your digital badge to your LinkedIn profile.


Digital badge management

Answer: Labor market insights are accessible by selecting any of the skill keywords shown in the digital badge you earn. These skill keywords lead to information about which employers are hiring, available job occupations, salary data, and more. Job listings can be searched directly from your digital badge, including the ability to apply for the opportunity. Access the labor market insights from your digital badge details page by selecting “Related Jobs” or by selecting the skill tags assigned to your digital badge.

Answer: You are in control of how and when your Red Hat digital badge is shared. Information regarding you and your credentials can be configured within the profile you set up in the Credly system. If you do not want your digital badge or your profile to be visible to the public, you can make them private. You can discard the digital badge notification email if you do not wish to participate in the Red Hat digital badge program.

Answer: Red Hat digital badges are digital image files that are uniquely linked to data hosted on the Credly platform along with the issuing details provided by Red Hat. This linkage to the verified data makes them more reliable and secure than a traditional paper-based credential.

Answer: Yes. Your downloaded digital badge contains Open Badge Specification (OBS)-compliant metadata embedded in the image. This allows you to store your digital badge on other OBScompliant digital badge sites, such as Mozilla Backpack.

Answer: Not at this time. Cross-platform sharing of digital badges is evolving within the industry, so
check back in the future for potential updates on this capability.



Answer: Visit the Credly help center for questions related to your Credly digital badge account and profile, as well as issues related to claiming your Red Hat digital badge after receiving a  notification. For general inquiries, contact Red Hat Digital Credentialing Program.


Privacy information

Answer: Yes. Red Hat uses the services of Credly, a third-party data processor authorized by Red Hat and located in the United States, to assist in the administration of the Red Hat Digital Credentialing Program. To issue you a Red Hat digital badge, your personal information (such as name, email address, location, and digital badge earned) will be shared with Credly. You will receive an email notification from Credly with instructions for claiming the digital badge. 

Your personal information is used to issue your digital badge and for program reporting and operational purposes. It will be handled in a manner consistent with Red Hat privacy practices. View the Red Hat Privacy Statement. Red Hat employees can view the Red Hat Employee Privacy Statement on Red Hat’s internal website under Legal Policies. 

Note that to use Credly’s services, you will need to sign up and create an account with Credly, and in doing so, you will be asked to agree to Credly’s privacy policy and terms of use that apply to your use of Credly’s website. View Credly’s privacy policy or email The privacy policy describes how Credly treats the information you and Red Hat share with them. Credly’s privacy policy also describes how to exercise data subject rights.