Everyone learns a little differently, and it is important to Red Hat that we find ways to continuously adapt our training experience to accommodate the needs of our learners. After looking at the overall user experience and listening to the feedback from our learning community, Red Hat is making a substantial update in how resources are delivered to learners for our training courses. We want you to be able to learn wherever you need to and access features that allow you to easily pick up where you left off. 

Introducing Red Hat Training Bookshelf

In the coming weeks, Red Hat will change how course materials—like textbooks—are accessed when enrolled in Red Hat Training courses or Red Hat Learning Subscription (RHLS). PDFs and physical textbooks will be replaced with the Red Hat Training Bookshelf—our new learning portal designed to help you learn when and where you need. The new portal offers customers an upgraded learning environment and a wide range of features and benefits: 

  • Easy-to-access digital learning environment—learn anywhere including offline and on-the-go. 
  • Customizable settings to create a unique learning experience from text size to dark/light mode 
  • Variety of language options available for the portal and individual e-books
  • Centralized access to training materials—from e-books to course notes,  access the course materials needed in one place.

How it works

Anyone  enrolled in a Red Hat Training course or RHLS will start to access their materials through the Red Hat Training Bookshelf. E-books for the Red Hat Training courses you’re enrolled in will be loaded into your bookshelf and visible once logged into the portal. Within the individual e-books you’ll be able to highlight and bookmark key information as well as take notes that can be saved and downloaded for future reference. If you’re enrolled in multiple courses, you can also favorite specific e-books for quick, easy access.  

Watch this video to learn more and get started:

About the author

Emily Wolf is a Sr. Technical Program Manager with Red Hat Training and Certification.

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